Bohemian: a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

That’s the definition of Bohemian. When it comes to interiors and decor, if there is one style among a dozen that is loud and has the character to stand out among the rest; it is undoubtedly a Bohemian-inspired one. It’s all the rage now combined with Justina’s jungalow style.

Here is a collection of 6 handles I follow on IG feed that I would graciously love to adopt any day.

bohemian room

Bohemian Styling

bohemian bedroom


boho style decor

bohemian entryway

Let the pictures do the talking here. As effortless and chaotic as they may seen, there is a lot of thought that has gone in to the selection and grouping of fabrics, placement of greens, furnishing adorning the furniture. As you can see, fabric is the queen here that sets the tone for any room.


In a country like India that prides itself on handcrafted textiles and the handloom industry, this style comes easily and naturally. You will find hand woven textiles in rich colors in any of the exhibitions happening in your town. For bright colored spreads locally known as jhamakalams, I prefer buying from Co-optex. Here are a few resources from over the years for your boho needs:

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