This post is born out of my cleaning regimen. I spent the first half of this past Saturday cleaning part of the house: this included dusting, washing, squeegee-ing, and wiping down with clean microfiber cloth ceiling-to-floor glass windows, throwing out expired items from the refrigerator and kitchen pantry, and wiping down bathroom counters. I still have so many items to cross off the list like the monthly organizing of wardrobes, cleaning the ceiling fan, scrubbing kitchen floor..well, the list goes on. Followed by cooking an elaborate three-course lunch. And boy, was it exhausting!

I am sure if you are as obsessed about cleaning, you will relate to me. Sometimes, I feel having the right tools for the right job makes it a lot easier- like your own ninja on hand. Except dusting ceiling fans, I enjoy the other chores – it’s a way of relaxing my hyperactive mind with such mundane tasks once a week.

I have shortlisted a few products that will make my cleaning regimen easier in the months to come, and thought why not share it with you all? This is not a sponsored post!

groove cleaning brush

Brush to clean grooves in sliding windows for Rs. 199

Cleaning the grooves during summer is messy when dust tends to get accumulated. If there are unseasonal showers, the dirt sticks making it difficult to flow when you pour water. A groove brush such as this one is handy to clean narrow crevices.


grout and tile brush

I hate dirty grout lines – be it in the living or bathrooms. There are two places where the grout gets dirty – kitchen and the entrance area of the living. Earlier, I used to spray a tile cleaner over the entire floor and then sponge it. But this process is laborious and it does not reach the grout lines as effectively. Having a grout brush should make scrubbing faster and make the floors sparkle.

Grout Brush for Rs. 462

toilet rim cleaning brush

Zibo Toilet Rim Cleaning Brush for Rs. 279

Even if the bowl sparkles, ever seen the rim edges? They have those dark spots that are tough to reach and clean.


Cif bathroom cleaner

Cif Bathroom cleaner for Rs. 249

I have been using other Cif products for years now. Limescale build from hard water is unmanageable at times. After shower every day, whoever has used it wipes down the counters and the glass partition. I must admit scaling is not bad, but if left unattended even for a day or two, it builds up and there are those dirty watermark patches on the partition. I use automobile metal cleaner to shine the faucets. But, this may be easier.

microfiber mitts

Sobby Microfiber Mitts for Rs.180

To dust varied surfaces, I must say these mitts are a godsend. I had a cheaper version that I picked from a local store. Quality makes all the difference when it comes to microfiber clothes.

kitchen scrub cloth from Scotch Brite

Scotch Brite Kitchen Scrub Cloth for Rs.149

This is one product I can vouch for blindly. It’s a godsend for kitchens. This morning, milk spilled over. I had been using normal cleaning clothes to wipe down the kitchen counter, and the hob. If the cloth is dirty, then it leaves a nasty streak and scum-like patch. With this cloth, you just wipe it down, and the surface is squeaky clean. Once in two days, I toss the cloth into the washing machine. I intend to throw away all the kitchen cloth and have just a pair of these.

blinds cleaner

Kawachi blinds cleaner for Rs.199 Repurpose blinds cleaner to clean ceiling fans

I am not sure how efficient this one would be. I was actually looking for a Swiffer kinda solution to clean the blades. This is the best I could here. How do you clean your blades? Some of the cleaning products are more expensive than the ceiling fans, itself. Have you tried the pillow cover trick?

cleaning brush with soap dispenser

Cleaning brush with liquid dispenser (set of 2) for Rs.199

More than the dishes, I want to use this for cleaning the sinks in the toilets. Right now, I use Scotch Brite pads instead of brushes as they can reach all the hidden corners.

Do you have any favorite products?

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  1. Amazing post… very very helpful..
    Anything to temove the dusts from mosquito meshes ??
    Also which product you are using to avoid the watermarks from taps and showers

  2. laksh

    Thanks Amrita. I just vacuum the dust from mosquito meshes as anything else would spread the dust everywhere. I use Autosol metal polish to shine the taps, but I would prefer trying the Cif cleaner.

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