An Upcycled Apartment in Delhi by Design Concept Creative Studio

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An upcycled apartment in Delhi by Design Concept Creative Studio

Design Concept Creative Studio is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Delhi. This upcycled studio apartment executed on a budget blew me away. From what you can see, the internal architecture is retained as is with exposed beams, rough plaster, windows of the 80s and open wiring.

The architect has elevated this space with clever recycling of everyday objects that not only has found a new functional use but also brings in color.


Vegetable crates reused as baskets for storage adds a dash of color. Wonder why I never thought of this. This makes an excellent storage for less used spaces such as terrace or balcony to store knick-knacks. Love those beakers and school-style framed map.

crates as baskets

The picture below looks chaotic but look closely and you’ll find that everything is in its rightful place: neatly arrange books on the console, hanging planters brings a new lease of life and greenery, and the recycled painted chairs.


This is the picture that I saw first of this house and I knew it had to be featured. Don’t ask me what draw me to it: I think it’s the mustard frame sitting on the floor.




I loved how so many things have been upcycled here. What do you think?

Image courtesy: Design Concept Creative Studio via Homz



  1. Great design … I have an apartment in UK whic I wanted to style. We have cheap ceramic tiles so this designing is going to help for sure

  2. S Bhardwaj

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing article. After reading the article, I feel it your article will definitely help me a lot to designing apartment.

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