Luxury in a box: Egyptian cotton sheets from Aplus linen

This post is all about how to identify good bed linen, what to look for in best quality sheets, and where to buy them online.

What is it that you look forward to in a vacation?

It’s my turn now as I bare my priorities in front of all of you: a good hotel with the most awesome sheets and a Tata Sky connection. Throw in good food and we are the happiest customers you’ll find. Who cares about sightseeing!

No, I’m not kidding.

That pretty much sums up about what my husband+sun duo look for in a vacation. And I often joke, why don’t we go to the best hotel in town for a vacation then. I find myself turning the back of good sheets at hotels (Cinnamon/ Cidade De Goa/ Sahara Star) to find where they are sourced from.

Have you ever wondered: what bed sheets do hotel use?

Egyptian cotton sheets

The truth is it is next to impossible to source good quality bed sheets like the ones you find in the hospitality sector for retail customers. The ones that you do find cost a fortune. So, I was genuinely surprised when I opened the package that came in from Aplus Linen yesterday.

What bed sheets are the most comfortable?

This post is for you if you have these nagging questions like me:

  • which brand of sheets do hotels use?
  • how to buy quality bed sheets?
  • what brand is the best?
  • do thread count matter? or is there more to it?

Where To Buy Affordable Good Quality Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen?

Aplus Linen is a luxury bedding company founded by Aditya and Vinay. Aditya’s story resonates with our experience of not finding quality sheets in retails stores at an affordable cost. This venture fills the gap of good quality bed sheets made from long staple Egyptian Cotton in the Indian market.

Long Egyptian Cotton

Aplus sheets are made from the famed long staple Egyptian cotton, which is the quality you find in luxury hotels around the world.

Quality and the soft feel: 

I’m drafting this post after sleeping last night on these sheets; so, it comes straight from a highly satisfied customer. Y’all know how I hold sleep dear.

I recently bought a much higher TC satin bed sheet online for the other bedroom. And though I liked the baby pink color, I was not happy with the feel of the sheets at all. There were very fine strands of thread popping out, and I kept thinking, “If the TC is high, how is this possible?” Either the info was wrong, or I am missing something. Today, when I was going through the APlus Linen website, I discovered the missing part of the puzzle.

A high thread count does not necessarily mean a superior product. In fact, high thread count is often misleading because most products with high thread count use an inferior Multi-Ply yarn. 

The Aplus sheets have an optimized thread count of 300. They beautifully illustrate why a higher thread count does not mean a superior product because what matters is the single ply yarn and the length of the cotton fiber that is spun into a thread. I strongly recommend you read this page to understand how Egyptian cotton, single ply yarn, optimal thread count, and a long lasting percale weave ca/n make a world of difference to the way the fabric feels against your skin.

The luxury bedding brand has done away with middlemen to make the entire range affordable for retail customers. They have pillows and comforters in addition to bed sheet sets.

Egyptian cotton sheets

The bed sheet illustrated below is the printed Flor sheet set in queen size. I was unsure which one to choose between the Steve sheet set and the Flor sheet set. And, I’m glad I went with the Flor sheet set as it complements the breezy decor of the room.

Egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets linen

Egyptian cotton sheets

The Packaging:

I absolutely loved the packaging the sheet came in. Inside the cardboard, the bed sheet set is neatly packed in a good quality black tote bag that you can use for all your errands. What a clever way to encourage customers to reuse a product meant for packaging.

The Aplus experience has been a steep learning curve for me; it has been a crash course into how to identify the right cotton bed sheets, and in squashing many unfounded beliefs on TC and multi-ply yarn that we have. So, it’s a big yes from me.

Updated on 30th December 2018

I overheard a conversation between two women outside a furnishing shop on Commercial Street recently. They were frustrated of not being able to buy good quality bed linen at reasonable prices which is when I realized it is a common problem. If you have these nagging questions, I encourage you to explore more and make an informed choice. After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed.

This post is in association with Aplus Linen.

Image Courtesy: All images shot at home by me.

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