Your home is a blank canvas. Find out how to paint it with finds from across the country.

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The summer heat has slipped into my sea of distant memory.

The famed Bangalore weather is back. Cloudy evenings. Heavy showers in the night that pave the way for clear skies, rainswept leaves on the Plumeria tree, sparkling clean pavement with no hint of dust from the enveloping construction, the heady fragrance of Jasmine flowers, the pleasant sight of pink bougainvillea; the mornings are magical.

It would be an understatement to call it a slice of heaven from where I stand this morning.The bedroom and the hallway open up to this beautiful deck.

As you can see, it is sparsely decorated. I had a friend over for lunch yesterday; she looked at this neglected corner as a space that has tremendous potential for various things: yoga in the mornings, a retreat in the evenings with a cup of my favorite chai, or some quiet-us time to ruminate over the day with the spouse after the kid has been tucked in. I think she has a point.

I think she has a point; it takes external eyes to highlight how you can bring about magic to a corner within your own home. Do you agree?

It’s time to get to work on this balcony. I have the tendency to overcomplicate things and spend way too much time researching to curate a list of products while doing up my home. If you’re like me, you should leverage “Shop the look” sections. The one that has come to my rescue is the Collections section of Home Canvas. I’m leaning towards products from the farmhouse decor collection and Boho Balconies as I believe they complement the decor of the space.

Boho balconies

Farmhouse decor

This is what it will take to complete the look:

  • Furniture: a bench or two stools, and a rocking chair
  • Furnishing: boho cushions  – electric colors or ones in Ikat patterns, and a rug
  • Accessories: two Palms in the corners in wicker baskets, and some flowering plants by the railing.
  • Lighting: something rustic such as a filament bulb in basket pendant perhaps?

The Home Canvas Story

Every interesting startup has a pain point that encouraged them to start the business. Home Canvas is no different. When Sandeep Sridhar and Radhika did up their home, they found it challenging to find and source the right furniture, furnishing, and accessories that fit their budget. That’s a familiar territory with varying degrees of horror stories we all new home buyers have, to narrate during the housewarming ceremony (if the house is in a shape to move in by then), isn’t it?

Sandeep saw an opportunity in this space that led to the birth of Home Canvas, an online discovery platform for the best in furniture and decor. The Home Canvas experts curate stores, suppliers, and artisans from all over the country. Bringing together furniture, furnishings, and accessories that range across styles, materials, and price – to deliver the world of decor to your living room.

In Sandeep’s words, “Whether you are doing up only a room in your house or setting up a new home, we are a one-stop destination to help you discover furniture collections.” So, whether it’s a rug from a store in Jaipur, distinctively upholstered chairs from a Delhi label, or handcrafted blue pottery by artisans of a social organization, Home Canvas allows you to browse and discover these from the comfort of your home.

Here’s a glimpse of my favorite collections – one per room – to do up a home:



Simplistic dining to follow the elegant living theme:


It’s time to indulge in the bedroom and step away from the simplistic tone of the living + dining.

Keep it neutral for the bathroom.

bathroomOn another note, are you a follower of their Instagram feed? The feed is an absolute stunner. However, it comes with a warning: do not blame me if you happen to spend more than the 5-min social media break you intended to take; their feed is addictive.

This post is in collaboration with Home Canvas


Image courtesy:

Domino Magazine via HomeCanvas

My Cloud Forest via HomeCanvas

3,4 – taken by me

The remaining from Home Canvas


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