What’s the hardest thing in the world to name? A baby or a blog?

Zeroing in on a name for this blog took me about a week.  In retrospect, the only other thing/person that took me this long was a name for my son. Even 10 days after he was born, we were going back and forth between 3 names. So much so that I had all 3 options listed during his christening ceremony and settled on one much later after a lot of consensus, opinion poll and deliberation.

After deciding I wanted to start a blog on home decoration, a few words played on my mind:  home, decor, design, ideas, art, craft etc. It was challenging to NOT use any of these oft-repeated words in blogs on this theme and still come up with something relevant, catchy, and meaningful.

I am extremely influenced by zebra stripes.  Every home improvement design project I’ve executed over the last 2-3 months has variations of animal stripes in different colors. As a natural progression, I had imagined a zebra-striped background/header for this blog.  It didn’t take long to realize how flashy and distracting a lime green-striped header would have been.  But I still held on to the “stripes” obsession and wondered, if instead, I could buy a domain with the word “stripe” in it.

How was lemonstripes.com for starters ? Yes, sounded cool..I jumped at the idea and in one of my characteristic dramatic ways jumped off the bed at 11:00 p.m. to see if it was available . (I have an affinity for flashy colors like lemon green, orange, yellow).

Unfortunately, this was taken.  And so was orangestripes.com. In a way, it turned out good as I started raking my brains and wondered what was it that I really wanted to showcase in this blog. All I could visualize was happy people living in normal houses beautifully transformed – whose walls were decked up with complementing curtains, accessories, color play, planters, beautiful paintings and DIY art projects.

The choices were clear:

Dress Your Walls? Umm. No.

Dress My Home ? Maybe

dressmyhome.com was taken as was dressyourhome.com. But I felt very strongly about “Dress Your Home” and since a great deal of what will be written here will be on the Indian market, I settled happily for the domain dressyourhome.in.


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