What’s growing in my terrace + balcony garden

The brief showers during the summer did wonders to my terrace garden. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s growing in my garden now.

The whole inventory:

cherry tomato


Tomato – 5

Okra – 2, 1 guava, 3 tomato plants, 2 okra,

Bottle gourd – 1

Beans -4  (just planted), 1 guava, 3 tomato plants, 2 okra,

Drumstick – 1 (not yet flowering)

Radish – about 8 of them




bottle gourd


Coriander – 1 sqft by 1 sq ft patch

Methi – 1 sqft. by 1 sqft. patch

Basil – 2

Lemon grass – 1

Brahmi – 1

Betel – 1

Ajwain – 1

Curry leaves – 2


Guava, Banana, Papaya, Pomegranate, Mango, Orange, Pomelo, Lemon – all 1 each


Apart from these I have a bunch of low maintenance flowering plants such as plumeria, hibiscus, three varieties of jasmine, and a couple others whose common/botanical names I’m not sure of.

I have good yield from chilli, spinach, pomegranate, and all the herbs. Okra, cherry tomatoes, and beans have given decent yield – not great. The seeds are a combination of what I got from the horticulture department, some from a shop in my hometown, Namdhari’s and Omaxe. I have not kept track of which sources have given the best yield but intend to do so from now on. I got lucky for the first time with coriander with a bountiful yield, otherwise, the yield was always sparse. I did not use the seeds at home this time but got it from a seed vendor. I did not soak the seeds but just spew them on the ground.

The herbs come in handy when someone in the family has a cold. I brew a strong concoction made of garlic bulbs (grows along the edges of all pots as it helps in containing pests), basil leaves, tulsi, betel leaves, ajwain, ginger and lemon grass. Add a dash of honey to the concoction and have to two times a day to keep cold at bay.

herbal tea concoction for cold

The fruit plants are barely a year old so I’m assuming they will take time. The feed is a combination of dried cow dung and organic manure wherever I get. I don’t stick to any particular source and am always on the hunt for good plant food. I have not started composting yet.

What’s growing in your garden now?

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  1. Ashtalakshmi

    That’s a nice terrace garden you got there :) and with a good selection of plants! I too am trying my hand at container gardening and hopefully will be able to maintain it.

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