The festive season has officially begun with Ganesh Chaturthi. It’s incredible how the streets don a new avatar in the festive season with a heady mix of colors from violets and pinks to yellows and oranges. You feel like you can’t have enough! The festive season also marks the shopping season in many here I’m back this Friday with seven absolutely beautiful finds for your kitchen — all under a humble budget of Rs.500.

Thrown in the mix are also some pieces that I found irresistible, but they didn’t make it to to the list as the price overshot by a few hundred bucks.

Go hungry poster for Rs.169

I believe framed quotes bring character to a room. Blackboard walls as a trend have been overdone. Nevertheless, it would be charming and a lil’ tacky to have this poster on one of your kitchen walls. This is not framed. As a weekend DIY, you can instead stick this on a piece of leftover MDF board, attach screws on its back, and then hang it on the wall. If you think this is too much work, get it framed at a local frame store for less than Rs. 200.

do more of what makes you happy poster

Do more of what makes you happy for Rs. 399

I absolutely love this one, don’t ask me why. For months, I had this written on a blackboard slate on my kitchen counter.

good things magnet

Good things magnet for Rs. 295

I consciously chose products that give a good vibe or are cheerful for this edition of Friday Shopping. this magnet tops the list on that count.

Coconut serving bowl

Coconut serving bowl for Rs. 385

Last year when we went to Sri Lanka, one of my memorable shopping experiences was at Paradise. I bought a set of coconut bowls and what I missed buying was the Tamil typography letters crockery. A few months later, I spotted similar coconut bowls here at Home Centre. And now, this one. These handmade beauties are a showstopper, great to serve nuts.

Pineapple mugs

Set of 2 pineapple mugs for Rs.450

Elevating my positive vibes and an honest attempt to cheer my mood to another level are these sunshine yellow mugs. You may also want to check out the watermelon and green apple pieces in this series. Love them as a mug and as a vase.

Oval cookie containers

A set of 2 oval containers for storing cookies for Rs. 420.

Another thing I scored from Odel in Sri Lanka were lovely cookie and cupcake boxes similar to the ones here. These ceramic canisters from decorkart are over our budget, but I thought you should take a look.



bird ceramic canisters

I find canisters such as these multi-utilitarian. Flaunt them on your countertop, or use them to store your staples such as pulses, flour, and grains even if they are inside the cabinets as my mum does. She says there’s no reason not to have gorgeous storage canisters even if they are lined up in the shelves. It’s a treat to watch her pantry. Often times, I forget what I went to get.

Stoneware mug

Stoneware mug for Rs. 159. So a set of 2 will be for Rs. 320.

I really liked this set of ceramic coasters with bamboo tray. As it is for Rs. 799, it does not qualify as a pick for this post.

ceramic and bamboo canisters

Just so you know, this was not a sponsored post. All the products featured here appealed to my taste.


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