Betina’s English Home Is A Crash Course in Bohemian Style

I got up this morning feeling a bit low. Quickly scanning my IG feed before getting started for the day, I stumbled upon this image that lured me into what turned out to be Betina’s colorful home. I was not prepared for this creative onslaught. This bohemian home in the English countryside in Norwich, England belongs to Betina Bianculli. I fell short of adjectives to describe the riot of colors.

dining assorted chairs

Seeing her vibrant home, my low feeling quickly dissipated into thin air. Her home dispels many myths and there are some takeaways for us:

  • There’s no such thing as too many plants. Her home is full of healthy plants and succulents. What makes them even more adorable are the tin planters.

plants and succulents

master bedroom

  • There’s no such thing as too many colors if you know how to work with them against a neutral backdrop.

colorful table setting

  • You don’t need expensive stuff to make your home look a million bucks. Sometimes it takes vivid imagination and an open mind to see the potential of everyday objects beyond their obvious purpose.  I envy this healthy basil.

  • There can be order in chaos.

The palette of her home has undergone some mind blowing transformations, especially the kitchen.




I have come to believe that some people have the creative genes in them to turn a worn-down house into something magical; the potential a blank canvas offers to decorate in myriads of ways. I believe they see what normal eyes don’t. Keep inspiring us, Betina!

Image courtesy: Betina on IG

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