Who doesn’t love bicycles? Isn’t it one of our first proud accomplishments as a child when we learn to bike without the side support wheels and then enthrall/show-off to parents riding without the support of hands. As we grow, it is replaced by motorcycle and the four wheels. Oh well, when the waistline grows with age, a fancy bicycle slowly makes its way back into the garage as the mean exercise machine.

Of late, however, I have spotted quite a few bicycles in home decor. This post is a compilation of a few creative ways you can effortlessly incorporate one in your home.

Home decor: 4 ways to use the humble cycle as a conversation starter

Decorative Metal Cycle Wall Hanging for home decor

hanging black iron decorative bicycle and innovative ways to use it in your own home



Offbeat ideas to use a bicycle in your home for decorative and storage purposes.


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