Decor hacks: How to create a no-fuss living room where your friends will want to hang out in

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Decor hacks: How to create a no-fuss living room where your friends will want to hang out in

How often do you entertain friends? Is it always a formal get together or is it laid back enough for anyone to feel at home instantly?

Do you worry too much before inviting friends/neighbors for a cup of tea together because there is no cozy nook?

A research in 2016 concluded that people who had a strong connection to their community and actively sought out social interaction were happier than others. Social interactions need not always be elaborately planned dinners with entertainment. Impromptu tea in the evenings with friends and neighbors do elevate one’s mood, social bonds, and the quality of life. These go a long way in sustaining one’s mental health as we age.

Personally, over the past year ever since we moved into our new home, I feel our quality of life has improved as friends drop by unannounced for a casual chat. I feel it has a lot to do with the no-fuss decor I consciously created; we often plonk ourselves over the rock in the lawn by the porch, or assemble over the cafe-styled dining area chatting into the wee hours, or hustle around the living room over cups of masala chai and pakoras.

I believe not having the proper environment can play spoilsport as I have seen in the past. Cramped, cluttered, and moody spaces can get in the way of providing a hospitable environment. And how large a space is has nothing to do with it. You can make the smallest of the spaces feel airy and welcoming with these tips.

So, ready to get started on these sure-fire home decor ideas for small living spaces to make it look bigger?

1. The ever loved frames!

To add a little perk to your walls, frames are the loved choice! For the walls which have textures to it or the one which is hued with simple grace, decorative frames are something you can never get disappointed with. The ones with family pictures are shifted to bedrooms with time and for the living room walls, you need to go artistic!

wall frame


2. Cozy cushions and curtains:

The sofas at your place might be irreplaceable, but cushions are! Not talking about the whole home makeover for a gathering, but one can at least have a pair of designer cushions and mushy curtains which go well with the plan.

We have a list of options you can count on while planning one such evening at your place!

Change them and match them well with the ascetic walls of your home for a decent look.


The cognate cushions:

Choose something that complements your living room wall hues as well as flooring. Don’t go all matchy else it will ruin the whole feel but go for a decent pattern or fabric that complements the look and feel of the night!



The carved curtains:

Believe it or not, the fresh and clean feel your window curtains can give, the more positive impact your guests have! The trend is now going out of the box with the curtain choices. Check out few of the most adored curtain styles you can opt for your living room grooming.


 3. Get that fragrance that mesmerizes:

The way your body odor says a lot about your personality, same goes with the home fragrances. The gorgeous the smell, the positive the vibes! Note that! So always tryna’ make your home environment as fresh and pleasant as possible. Afterall, the impact that a good smell can make is unimaginable!

Now that the home decor products have flooded the market, there are ample good shaped and styled diffusers available which even can go along with your other artistic stuff.

The timely sprays add up to the decoration with its vibes!

Choose from the range of fragrances and designer aromatic diffusers from Shoppers Stop to give an added advantage to your home decor.


4. Artifacts with a difference:

Few artistic show pieces that can definitely brighten up the whole look by mere its presence are there in the market. Choose something that goes with the overall interior of the room. Choosing something traditional when there isn’t a single connect will lose its charm.



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