Before & After: How Hand Drawn Foliage Brings A Blank Wall to Life

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hand drawn wall mural

This is a beautiful illustration of before and after transformation of a bare wall. Shrutilaya has hand-painted this amazing …. to bring this wall to life.

Gifted are those eyes and skilful those hands that saw the potential of this blank wall by the dining. Shrutilaya dons many hats as a DIY enthusiast, interior stylist and painter. Her hand-drawn botanical mural transforms this bare wall into something magical giving it a new lease of life.

blank wall

wall mural foliage botanical

wall mural with foliage

She takes it to another level by juxtaposing two shelves with real plants using the mural as a backdrop. Sheer brilliance. I’ll step aside to let you revel in the images, draw some inspiration, and see if you can elevate your walls to another level.

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wall mural foliage


foliage wall mural


A sharpie pen is used here to sketch on the wall. If you are not confident of drawing free hand, try abstract patterns that are simpler and leaves room for trials.

Image courtesy: Layamakesthings



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