Deconstructing a study makeover

What are one’s choices for using a 150-sq.ft room? If you are imaginative, it can be multi-utilitarian: a study by day, guest room when you have guests, entertainment room by night.  The choices are endless when you flex your creative muscles as Sandesh Prabhu proves with this brilliant transformation of a study room in Mumbai.

When it comes to interior projects, there are few things as exciting as a makeover project. The novelty that before/after pictures bring is unparalleled. Sadly enough, I couldn’t get the before picture for this makeover. But that shouldn’t stop us from deconstructing the constituents of what makes this a standout.

A study makeover with chevron patterned flooring and geometric custom made table by Sandesh Prabhu

Three takeaways for you if you are planning on a renovation:

  1. Choose one focal element: it could be a rug, a piece of art work, or furniture. Select everything else that complements this focal point. In this case, it is the horse artwork. If you look closely everything else complements it: be it the patterned floor, or the triangular pattern on the coffee table. The chevron pattern on the floor is reinforced in the cushions and the center table. Do you think a circular pattern on the table would have worked? Probably not.
  2. Keep few pops of color and most colors muted: the pink chair brings in that element of surprise here. all the colors fit the color scheme of the artwork working in unison. Imagine how the room would have looked if the couch was bright yellow and the walls painted in neon blue. The dark wall color sets the mood for serious business while letting the floor and furniture shine through. A white wall wouldn’t have had the same impact here.
  3. Watch those lights: One type of lighting is often insufficient for a room. Have different kinds of lighting: recessed lights on the false ceiling for overall lighting, one over the desk for work, and one subdued warm lighting for watching TV. It’s easy to change the mood of a room with warm lights.

A study makeover with chevron patterned flooring and geometric custom made table by Sandesh Prabhu

Image courtesy: Sandesh Prabhu Design Studio

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