Back to Roots: Heritage meets modern in this 3200 sq.ft home

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Back to Roots: Heritage meets modern in this 3200 sq.ft home

Loud and bold.

Rustic and chic.

Old and new.

Heritage and modern.

This 3,200 sq. ft home designed by Shabnam Gupta of the renowned design firm Orange Lane is a study in contrasts. The home cannot be classified to sport a single theme; the home proudly wears the personalities of its owners on its sleeve. The boundaries are pushed and rules defied when it comes to mixing colors, materials, and textures. If a neutral beige defines the walls of this verandah, one would be completely surprised by the cobalt blue of the enclosed terrace.


The project description says that “the client wanted a home that reflected them and their tastes. They were very clear that this home was built for them and not as a showcase.” And it shows. I’ve said this enough and often that it is easy to get carried away when designing a home – an idea seen here, a furniture there. The end product, then, is often a reflection of someone else and the designers’ and least likely yours.

Playing with colors is a tricky thing. To know the fine line between overwhelming and pleasant. Agreed it’s your home, but colors have a significant effect on one’s mood. As inhabitants, it takes careful thought to restrain from painting a room all red to another one all orange, and the third gray. On that aspect, this home scores big for playing the color card beautifully. I love that flooring.

You know what is even more tricky – to make the seating comfortable and cosy? There was one thing that was definitely not comfortable in the yester homes – the seating – often wooden swings, wired chairs or cement inlay benches. This home nails the seating bit while retaining the vintage vibe.

The heritage bit is executed impeccably with unpolished wood, niches, beautiful arches, stained glass, exposed bricks, tiled roof, painted ceiling. The devil is indeed in the details. Tour the rest of the home – it’s a delight.










Image courtesy: The Orange Lane


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