Linen alert: are the allergens cocooned in your pillows making you sick?

Ah-choo, Ah-choo! Is it in the air, or are the allergens cocooned in your bed sheets?

The bedroom is also your private sanctuary; one that must reflect your tastes; one where can you indulge in the pleasures of life; that one place where how you feel takes precedence over appearance. Yes, looks matter less as this space is not on display. It’s also that one place where you can loosen your purse strings to choose items that pamper your senses. Like good scented candles, a satin bedsheet, a beautiful throw.

It’s a double whammy when the linen is non-allergenic and luxurious.

And, the best things in life come at a price. Luxury is in the details after all.


Indulgence is not a sin; Say hello to Indulgeville

If you are in agreement with the philosophy that indulgence is not a sin, then welcome to Indulgeville. Indulgeville was born out of a gap in the domestic market for luxury bedding. What was available catered to the masses in largely predictable patterns, a swarm of colors, and chaos of textures. Indulgeville’s exquisite range of bed and bath linen from exclusive brands such as Peter Reed, By Adab, Aden + Anais, John Atkinson, and Jude Australia honor the inner goddess in you.

Luxury linen from By Adab

To be honest, I have heard and experienced Egyptian cotton in the recent past. But, none of that prepared me when I opened the bed sheet set from By Adab. Unwrapping the package, I ran my hands over what I looked like a simple white bed sheet.

My verdict: looks are deceptive and elegance is underrated. The sheets felt so soft to the touch.

Eucacel bed linen

By Adab is a renowned brand credited with creating Eucacel: an innovative and luxurious fabric made from Eucalyptus wood pulp. One needs no introduction for the natural antiseptic properties of Eucalyptus. The fabric is made of 35% eucalyptus and 65% cotton.  Its softness is unimaginable and also it has natural antiseptic properties. So it can be washed without detergent. The eco-friendly, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic, anti-infectious, bio-degradable product is ideal for people with allergies, babies or simply those who want unparalleled softness in bed sheets and towels.

Is it too much a price to pay when dust mites don’t clog up your sinuses every night when you sink in?

Eucacel bed linen

I wondered why haven’t I heard of them if they are so awesome. As I said before, luxury and exclusivity come at a price.  How many of us know of exclusive handmade watches, linen used by royalty and the uber-rich, or vacation spots like Bora Bora?

Peter Reed in bed linen is akin to Bora Bora for vacation, a Bugatti Veyron in cars, or Goyard for bags. The luxury bed linen brand boasts of 150 years of expert British craftsmanship with the highest quality Egyptian cotton and the finest yarn; the bespoke bed linen has adorned palaces of royalty across the world and is now available in India through Indulgeville. The focus is not on trends but classic English-style, elegant prints. And when something is not talked about much, it makes it more desirable, don’t you think?

On a closing note, when quality and prestige speak, you know you can afford to keep your mouths shut because you have left a rich legacy behind. Think of them as heirloom pieces and a legacy you want to be a part of.

This post is sponsored by Indulgeville.

Image courtesy: Indulgeville


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