Diwali Decoration

21 Ideas to Dress Your Home This Diwali

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21 Ideas to Dress Your Home This Diwali

This post is a collection of some of the easiest and best DIY ideas to decorate your home this Diwali tastefully – mostly with items found around your home and garden.

Fresh flowers. Nostalgic scents of sweets wafting from the kitchen.

The fragrance from hand-poured scented candles dominating the air.

Eye-catching rangolis at the entrance. Vibrant cushions.

Opulent silverware. Corners decked with lacquered brassware.

Polished copperware reused as vases.

Shimmering candles alongside earthy diyas.

Glittering festive wear. And an overload of memories from the yester years.

It’s a date with divinity, and that pretty much sums up the season to indulge.

Thanks to environment-conscious kids, what’s missing these days is the subtle hint of sulfur nitrate and nitrogen-di-oxide from the crackers in the air. Even though Diwali is a week away, the mental preparation starts much before that when you start visualizing what rangolis to make, what sweets to prepare, what dresses to wear, and how to decorate your home differently this season.

This post is a curation of decoration ideas categorized under these major seven categories: flowers, candles, brass, votives, sequined cushions, a hint of gold, and rangoli.

There are four colors that dominate festive decor: red, fuchsia, yellow, and orange. Bring in others such as teal, green, white for that balance.

Fresh flowers, fruits, and leaves.

Marigolds are available in plenty during the festive season. Use them in different avatars: as whole flowers, or as petals to form a bed, or string them alternating between yellow, orange, and green leaves for a stunning toran. Place the flowers in a container made of foliage or green leaves for an unconventional arrangement. Marigolds in brass urlis are tried and tested.

Fresh marigold flowers for diwali decoration

Diwali decoration ideas with flowers

Diwali decoration ideas with fresh flowers

Diwali decoration ideas with fresh flowers

fresh flowers

Festive decor

Plumeria leaves in diwali decor

Yes, you read that right. Why limit ourselves to flowers? Fruits such as orange and apple are not only vibrant, they will also make us great centerpieces in table styling. Use them liberally by combining them creatively.


Candles and lanterns

String filament bulbs

festive decor

lanterns and votives

Shopping Guide: Where to buy lanterns and votives for your home or as gifts.

Brass, copper, and a hint of gold

Brass in diwali decor

A copper votive

copper floater

A hint of gold

Brass diwali decor with marigold flowers

tea light holder

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Wrap votives in golden laces for a decorative look.

votives wrapped in laces

Use colored shot glasses as votives.

shot glasses

With sparkling votives in jeweled tones as these, you won’t need anything else.

votives in mercury glass


Sequined cushions and rich fabrics



festive decor setting with cushions


bead rangoli

rangoli and lanterns

rangoli and diya

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