A Festive Makeover of Your Home This Season


Tired of the old way of decorating home, searching hard but still not feeling elated?

If hassle-free home makeover is your idea to breathe easy during this time, then, find out about a seamless way to decorate the beautiful abode. In other words, discover the beautiful world of Tangerine.

Say yes! to the festive home feat in bright colour displays, fabric layovers to set the right tone and pace for season makeovers. You don’t need to think hard to be festive-ready this time. There is plenty to appear different this Diwali!

There is so much on display in the malls or the beautiful home décor stores that it often makes us wonder, how will I be an exception this festive season around. Well, there is always a new way to spell the O.R.D.I.N.A.R.Y with Tangerine to an instant rescue.

Festive makeover with Tangerine

With home décor ideas getting a rejuvenation of sorts, with every passing year, it is natural for us to discover the ‘latest way’ of doing the same things round. So, here are few ideas- with Tangerine-to add the festive-glee at home in personal confidence and in jubilance.

1. Bedsheets

If you are thinking, how a bedsheet is adding a festive vibe to my home, then, deliberate upon the specially woven, the most sophisticated bedcover stuff ever.

 A perfect blend of attractive line stitching and the textured look, in shades of Maroon, Ivory, Navy Blue and Taupe, awaits you and the visitors to home. To say, the guests won’t peep into the bedroom is an overstatement. During the festive time, there is enough to keep the guests curious and honestly, there is no better festive vibe than making a personal layover statement.

Festive makeover with Tangerine

tangerine tree

2. Dohars

We are not over with the fabric festive redressing yet. There is another piece of glamour-do, which is hard to ignore and pleasing to show-over. The décor item is Dohars.

The fact that they are available in plenty and sleek layers, to perfectly complement the bedcover underneath, makes it more customarily irresistible. So many new patterns have been introduced now. Some of the finest range of Dohars in classy stripes, cozy checks, beautiful floral and mesmerizing ogee prints is to complete the beautiful colour story. Try the conventional monochrome pattern for instant recognition.

Alternatively, pick the classiest piece narrative from nature, culture, art, life, and traditions and spread them in the living room, like a floor makeover, if you have a low bed or a sofa set. It looks even more festive clad in the red.


Dohars from Tangerine Tree

dohar from Tangerine

Dohar from Tangerine

3. Cushion covers

Go splurging this season with immensely decorated cushion covers, in assorted styles, and the usual forms. There are many ways to brighten up the cheerful environment at home.

Take a cue from the Mumbai streets lightened up and to express this sentiment at home, a special display of Indie Tadka Mumbai Cushion Cover is enough to add the glory. Try the multi-colour cover patterns to enlighten this Diwali even more. Spread the newly laid cushions in plenty to add décor attached to comfort, colour and bright thoughts.

Cushions from Tangerine Tree

Cushion covers

4. Napkins

It won’t skip your attention if you know there is so much to express on festive décor using the select crafted table lays-of napkins. An exquisite, designer collection from the showman himself- Mr Sanjeev Kapoor, is ready to be shopped.

Sans the creative touch, the splendid display of colours from Tangerine such as Scarlet Sunset, Midnight Rouge, Aquacados, and much more, makes us wonder, how easy it is to festive greet our friends–using the exceptional dining accessories at home.

5. Cutlery– Food settings are often overlooked by us during the festive time. But, isn’t it all about food, with guests shrinking in the dining space to enjoy the festive meal?

Next time, when you indulge in dish preparations, make sure to present it using the impressive range of dinner sets. Try some special motifs to rejuvenate the sensuous pleasure of dining-at-home.


You can buy the collection here.

This post is sponsored by Tangerine.

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