I’m Featured in This Month’s Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

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I was thrilled when Better Homes and Gardens approached me to be a part of their Diwali issue. Seeing your name in print gives the thrills that few other things match up to; it’s one of those things that makes you drive across town to pick up a copy and flaunt it on the coffee table. I’m a huge fan of decor and interior magazines and can’t wait for the new issues to arrive by mail the first week every month. Despite the incessant eye-candy on Instagram from varied sources, nothing really lives to the feeling of flipping through a physical magazine lounging on the couch. That feeling is irreplaceable.

The issue is packed with festive decor ideas, recipes, shopping recommendations, and style tips Here is a snippet of the pages featuring me alongside bloggers Preethi, Sharon, and Sruthi.

I’m Featured in This Month’s Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

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Do you still subscribe to magazines? If so, which ones? I’m just curious to know. I stopped by three outlets of Crossword and was disappointed to know that they didn’t carry magazines anymore.  I wonder with digitization if magazines have become restricted to parlors and receptions at clinics that it is hard to procure them. Your thoughts?


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