No Entryway? How to Create a Foyer

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Your foyer is an indication of what to expect inside the home. Color or muted interiors, organized or cluttered,  storage space, accessories etc. A organized, tastefully decorated foyer generally leads to a equally well-maintained home. If the entryway is disheveled, then your guess is as good as mine as to how rest of the house will be. If you are running out of ideas, then this post will come to your rescue;  it outlines how to create an entryway when there is no earmarked space.

I’ve always liked having a foyer so that the front door doesn’t open directly into the living room.  But, unfortunately, the apartments I’ve lived in have never had one.

So, I’m always scrambling for a space to hang coats, helmets, keys, and place the shoe rack. Imagine having a house plant or a vase with fresh flowers on top of the shoe rack – what a welcoming feeling every time one steps inside the house.

Several apartments I’ve seen in metros do not have a foyer. And surprisingly, all but very few apartments in tier-II and tier-III cities have one.

So, why do you need one and what comprises the space? I need it for two reasons – privacy and storage.

Things a foyer must make room for:

1. Shoe rack

2. Key holder

3. Hooks for hanging coats, helmets

4. A chair or bench to sit and wear shoes

5. Storage for other items. If the space is large, then you can make room for umbrella and often used items by

The entryway is also a great place to experiment with.  Bold colors on the wall (perhaps the Asian Paints’ special effects), PoP textured finishes ,  stencils, or just a place to hang your artwork.

All this is great when you have one. What if the apartment doesn’t have a dedicated foyer at all? How do you create one?

Here are some simple solutions to create a foyer like area:

1. If the living room is small, get a 3 (or less) feet tall storage cabinet. Place it next to the door in such a way that it acts a divider between the seating area in the living room and the door.  You can place a table lamp on top of it which will make it look as if it is part of the living room and obstruct the view from the door further.

2. If the living room is big enough, then consider a 5 feet tall open and closed shelving system. The open shelves can be used to display books or other artifacts, while the closed shelves can be used for storage.

Though not very modern in design, I like this one because it’s a highly functional one. It’s easy to strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality with this one.

A functional foyer
A functional foyer

A foyer of this size can only work in huge houses and is not practical in most mid-sized apartments.


Great in looks, but lacks in efficiency.

Modern foyer
Modern foyer

Do you have an entryway and would you be kind enough to share pictures?

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