Trend Alert: Add That Rustic Touch to Your Home with  Bamboo Lamps

This post is all about how to use bamboo lamps in your home as they are budget-friendly and stylish. 

Juggling style and comfort is akin to the Vrikshasana pose in yoga. You focus on a point and you get the balance right. The posture in itself is beautiful. Let the focus waver and you find yourself dancing from one side to the other. We like the comfort of the fabric sofas, but decide to wait a few years until the kids have grown up so that one doesn’t have to worry about the stains.

Similarly, as much as I like the sleek lines and minimalism of modern style, I find it cold sometimes as if it lacks personality and warmth.

Can two styles be mixed? Why not? Remember Vrikshasana. The pictures below are a testimony to that. Some combine country cottage style with modern furniture, others sleek modern with rustic lighting. However, there is a common thread that binds them all together — all of them sport a cane/wicker/rattan hanging lamp.

These lamps are not hideous disappearing into the background. They make their presence felt through their size and hand woven character. Thanks to the neutral color, the beauty lies in how they blend in with the surrounding. You can spot them everywhere these days from commercial spaces to restaurants and homes.

Rattan lamp in dining

#wood lamp in kitchen and dining

Wooden pendant lamp in dining

#rattan pendant lamp in dining and kitchen

A balcony gets a beautiful makeover to entertain guests

wicker pendant lamp

wicker lamp dining

wicker rattan bamboo cane lamp

wicker lamp

wicker lamp

Where to use bamboo / cane / wicker lamps at home:

  1. Dining rooms: as shown in most of the pictures above, you can use it as pendant above your dining area. If you have a covered patio for entertaining it will work there too.
  2. Balcony
  3. I would refrain from using it in places where there is a chance of moisture. So it doesn’t work well as outdoor lighting.
  4. Entryway/foyer.

Where to buy:

The best part is these are quite cheap compared to your regular pendant lamps. Fix a holder and you are good to go.

You can buy them here:

Cane lamp holder for Rs. 265.

cane hanging lamp

Aadhya creation lamp holder for Rs. 430

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