DIY: A Plastic Planter Gets a Fancy Makeover

The DIY bug has bit me. The itch to do something around the house lies dormant in action with ideas just swarming in the head all the time. But, when it gets active, there’s no stopping. I like it this way because projects that should have got done months ago are all done in a week’s time.

Presenting to you today, a fancy makeover to a humble plastic planter that had clearly seen better days. My mom gave me this planter; exposed to the outdoors I started noticing some cracks along the edges. I didn’t want to give it away which is usually my first instinct. I tried to revive it with a few things found around the house and bought it indoors as a holder for the pothos/money plant. It’s a simple DIY that you can get it done in less than 30 mins under a budget of Rs.150.

Things you’ll need for the project:

Things needed to paint plastic pots with emulsion from Asian Paints

1.Plastic pot

2. Strings of rope. It s available in any hardware/paint shop. Each string about a metre long is Rs. 2. I used about 5 strings here.

3. Exterior wall paint. This sample box of paint was lying at home. I had bought it for another project.

4. Any adhesive that can be stuck on to a wood/plastic surface. This was for Rs.50.

5. Paint brush for Rs. 20.

6. Keep a cloth handy to wipe your hands off after using the adhesive.

Steps to cover the plastic pot:

  1. As you can see, I tied the rope half way and the rest I painted.
  2. Clean the surface of the pot with a clean cloth. You can either use your fingers or a brush to apply the adhesive on to the outer surface of the pot. Apply just enough adhesive to cover one string. After applying the adhesive, run the string in a circular motion covering the pot. The adhesive dries quickly so you don’t want to apply the entire area at once.
  3. Repeat the process until you have covered half the pot. Let it dry for a while.
  4. Paint the lower bottom with a paint color of your choice. I wanted a calming look, hence opted this color. This is water based paint, so it will dry in a few hours unlike emulsion.
  5. The pot is now ready for use a planter. The options are endless, you can reverse the pattern with the rope on the bottom and paint on the top. You may choose to stencil a design over the painted part if you wish to.

How to paint plastic pots with emulsion paints

How o paint plastic pots with emulsion paints for a fancy new look

How to paint plastic pots with emulsion for a new look

Painted planter



There’s one more simple rope project with planters. You may want to try this: How to make a hanging/ railing planter.




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