In pursuit of clean air? Here’s how you can protect your family from smog and air pollution

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Air pollution


The basics of one’s existence is roti, kapda, aur makaan, all of which one needs to earn a living. As we became economically progressive, who would have thought until a decade ago that a free commodity, such as air, will get dearer. The air in Delhi and other metros, or the lack of one, has grabbed grave attention and mind space this past month. The dark overcast looming over our heads has become a topic for whatsapp memes and statistics comparing the air quality to smoking 45 cigarettes a day. Even for a non-smoker, it’s a slow death waiting on the anvil as
your lungs take a toll from continuously inhaling the pollutants.

It’s no better in my home. For the past four months, I have been on tenterhooks every time my 10-year- old wakes up in the morning to “Mama, my throat is hurting”. This implies 2-weeks of doctor rounds, the running nose-fever- cough saga, which will die down when the antibiotics are on, but will rear its ugly head again in no time. In fact, it got so bad that it led to wheezing a few days ago. I have found the cough to be persistent when the pollution is high. One is helpless as a parent to see the child suffer.

The air pollution is blamed almost always given that there are no roads and there’s construction happening in every available pocket of land. Add vehicular pollution to the mix and it’s a grim air situation that results in an unimaginable amount of dust/smog causing an allergic reaction. But, throat hurting inside the house after a night’s sleep? Well, when the exterior air finds its way in and if there’s construction happening all around the house, what can one expect? And, that’s the reality of living anywhere in India today. It is believed that smog is far more dangerous compared to air pollution.

How you can minimize the hazardous effects of air pollution: 

Windows from Asahi

There are many precautions you can take to minimize the hazardous effects: use an air purifier, wear a mask when stepping outdoors, keep the windows closed when dust is higher etc. But, the most effective one is given below:

  • Seal the gap in your windows: Given that we spend an average of 10-12 hours inside the house, it is important that we do not let the polluted air enter indoors and cause us more harm. AIS Glasxperts, is the end-to-end glass solution provider from Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS), it provides you with window solutions that are air tight and prevents any air leakage. This gap free window solution restricts the air transfer from exteriors to interiors and does not let unwanted air inside.

Advantages of using smog resistant and anti-air pollution window solutions:

  • Less dependency on artificial air purifying systems: you can minimize your electricity bills by minimizing the usage of air purifying systems when there is restricted entry for exterior polluted air to come in.
  • Improved air quality: if you are already using an air purifying system, you will find that the quality of air improves significantly after installing the smog-resistant windows from AIS.

Smog resistant windows

How to get smog-resistant windows installed at your home:

  • AIS Glasxperts offer an end-to-end solution for all your glass requirements. They will assist you in product selection after site assessment and consultation, installation, project management, and post-installation support.

I have come to realize that the pursuit of wellness is as important as the pursuit of happiness, in today’s times. And if tough times call for tough measures, we have to do it to keep ourselves healthier and happier.

This post is in association with AIS Glasxperts from Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS) Asahi India Glass. But, the trauma and experiences of seeing a child suffer from air pollution is real and heartfelt. 

Image courtesy: Asahi India Glass


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