Trend Alert: Make Your Ceiling Stand Out with Underlight Fans

Underlight ceiling fan

Have you ever felt like you wanted a wand to rewind time to a point – sort of as in “Back to the Future” movie to do things differently so that the outcome is different? Be it career, relationships, parenting, or in my case today, the purchases I make for the home. How trivial, you think? Well, the thought of a second chance is comforting that perhaps everything will pan out better (than before) in the end.

At the risk of repeating myself, I’m describing my living room again. The living room is west-facing, sports a double-height ceiling, and opens up overhead to the terrace (as in no rooms above it); this 13 ft * 13 ft space is flanked by ceiling to floor windows on opposite sides. May I add that the windows are fixed leaving no room for ventilation? We turn into boiled eggs in this living room oven during the summer months. Call it poor design, or lack of one? You bet!

I had two options for lighting and ventilation for this double height living room: one, to get a chandelier fixed for aesthetics and have table fans or wall-mounted fans for air circulation; two, fix a ceiling fan supported by a lengthy rod that reverses air during the summer months (I’ll explain this later). In short, which of the two eye-sore options? I shrugged it aside caring less about the insufficient lighting in our living and took no action for 18 months.

Yes, that’s the queen of procrastination and perfection talking who toyed with the options FOREVER. All I could visualize for the rod-supported ceiling fan were scenes from government hospitals and offices, and I dreaded it. Eventually, I relented and went with option one: a mix of wall mounted fan, table fan and pendant lights. The lights went up just a few weeks ago.

Now, that I think of it, the second option was a better choice. The only problem was that I did not find a product with under lights and a reversible motor then.  Damn, now that I have found a product, how I wish I could go back in time. I mean look at these pictures. It’s like a work of art – ceiling fans with under lights.

Under light fan

Under light ceiling fan

under light ceiling fans


If you are convinced about the potential of under light ceiling fans, here’s a brand that sells under light ceiling fans with reversible motor in India. Orient Electric is a renowned name in the fans industry. Some of their under light ceiling fans that caught my immediate attention were Aerolite, Woodwind and Subaris Solo.

What I like about these fans:

  • Independent controls for speed and light: the dual function of overhead lights and fans is its biggest advantage. There is a separate pull cord for turning on light and controlling the speed which means the light can be used even when the fan is not, and it works well during the day time or in winter.
  •  Reversible motor: I had read a lot about reversible motor when we were exploring options of keeping the house cool during the summer. If you see the fans installed in your home, they are most likely set to run in one default mode. In the summer, the fan should run in counter-clockwise direction to push the cool air down from ceiling to the floor, and vice versa in winter. These under light ceiling fans come with a reversible motor so that the direction of rotation can be changed based on the season.
  • Fancy lights: based on the theme of your decor, you can choose the model. The lights vary between warm LED for a modern setting to frosted glass for an ethnic setting.
  • Wooden finish: the wood finish blades come in variants to match the rest of your decor. Wood finish is always known to bring in warmth to a room, while the metallic blades make them sturdy and easy to clean.
  • Pin drop silence: just the other day, we were watching the movie V for Vendetta. You see, we usually don’t tussle for the remote, but whether to leave the fan or not because of the noise factor. And for a movie like this one that you can watch on repeat for its dialogues, the fan is a nuisance. So, yes, the pin drop silence bit is a savior.

Where you can buy these under light fans:

Here’s the store locator to find one closest to you. You can also visit their online portal to explore their extensive range of fans.

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This post is sponsored by Orient Electric.

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