Take a pick.

What is that one thing if you change in a room will alter its look beyond recognition?

Wall color? May be. But can you change it every week?

Artifacts? Possibly.

Rugs? Umm.

But, for maximum impact, invest in good quality fabrics. Think cushion covers, slip covers for sofa, curtains, mats, table runners, bed covers. I’ll show you some examples of how to harness the power of textiles by changing the slip cover or a sofa and cushion covers changes the look of a room. In this post, I’m illustrating this makeover tip by changing the textiles of two rooms: living room and a bed room.

Over the years, I have learned how colors play a big role in setting the mood of a room. I like to play with blue and pinks primarily, and stay away from black and red. It’s a personal choice. See what works for you.

The following picture was taken a few days after we moved in. You can see the blue tarpaulin in the background. This was put up to avoid the dust coming in from the neighbor’s home. It will be two years soon and the work is not complete yet. Sigh! Anyways, back to topic, you can see the look is drab with disparate colors that does not tie the space together. Bare walls only accentuate the emptiness and lack of consistency.

On adding a light fixture and some frames to the wall, the once disparate colors don’t look so bad. But, we can agree that it’s not quite there.

living room

living room fabrics

And then came in the recent transformation.  I bought these D’decor cushion covers to bring that playfulness in the living room. Bangalore this year an unusually prolonged period of monsoon which was depressing. I wanted the living room to be a contrast to the mood outside which was summer cheerfulness.

harnessing the power of textiles

living room

Now, let’s move on to the bed room. The overall look here is constant. It’s only the bed covers that change from one frame to the other.

bed room striped look

bed room

bed room textiles


bed room

Which look do you like better?

I hope you are convinced that investing in an utilitarian things such as fabrics is worthwhile to bring about a transformation. And it’s all the more better if you are tight on budget during the festive season. A clean, uncluttered home goes a long way to make a home inviting. Enjoy the festive season.





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