Easy Decor Ideas to Dress Your Home This Holiday Season

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Corner decor

The holiday season is upon us. If you haven’t had the time to plan to deck your home, do not fret. You can rustle up things found around your home to dress it up beautifully in no time. Here are few ideas all shot at various corners of my home in no time:

  • Dress up with pretty flowers and candles: Gather a bunch of candles and light it up on a cake stand with flowers strewn around for color effect. The white and red place mat completes the festive picture.

holiday decor

Shop the look: Colored glass bottlesĀ 

  • Fresh linen and flowers: Why restrict the festive feeling to the living room and entryway? Let’s bring it indoors with a white and red cozy bedding with fresh stalks of red ginger in a white vase adding to the coordinated setup.

Shop the look: Ceramic flower vase, pillar candle


Corner decor

  • And ornaments and bells: what’s the holiday season without ornaments and bells?


  • Use the foliage: When the garden undergoes a pruning, why trash the leaves? Jazz up your corner table with candles, ornaments, and potted plants. Green brings in freshness.

corner decor



  • Fairy tale lights inside a lantern on a bed of ornamentsĀ  for that bling effect.


  • Baked goodies: Unless the oven is not on an overdrive mode with continuous aroma of baking goods wafting from the kitchen, the holiday season is not yet here. Some experiments go bad, some turn out better than expected. But, it’s part of life. Gooey brownies are a hot favorite at home. So here we go as they grace our snack time.

brownies and milk

  • Bring on the glitter: when every shop in the neighborhood has ornaments and glitters of every colors, you are tempted to bring a few home and get creative. Pour them in a tall jar, or a vase.


One time of the year when fresh fruits are in abundance and enticing colorful to bring them home.


white and red table decor

There you go, that was my home this holiday season. Your turn now! Wish you all a merry X’mas.




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