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Pooja room design with wooden pillars

This post is a compilation of 10 pooja room designs from apartments to homes from an interior designer in Bangalore, designed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra.

When designing the interiors of a new home, two spaces that take up due time and consideration are the pooja room /mandir and the kitchen. These often come with the constraints of space and spatial orientation (Vastu Shastra).

Today, I have Bangalore-based interior designer Jyothika Baleri of Destination Designs sharing over 10 pooja room designs executed in her projects. Over to Jyothika now:

Pooja spaces are an essential part of a home in today’s apartment plans. No separate provisions are made for a pooja space. We need to be innovative about where and how to fit in this unit, also keeping the budget in mind. If the floor plans are larger, a pooja room can be accommodated. It can be as small as 3’ x 3’ and go up to 6’ x 5’. Preferred floor is vitrified tiles or granite as these are stain resistant.

A pooja unit (pooja ghar) is a very personal preference. It can be as simple as a single shelf on the wall to an elaborate room filled with decorative elements.

#1 Wall-Mounted Pooja Shelf Unit For Small Spaces

For those who prefer just an altar, a small wall mount pooja unit is easily doable. This doesn’t need too much space; any corner with a 2’ wide wall is perfect. Take care to light tiny lamps in these units to prevent any accidents since it’s a tight space and height of the cabinet may be a restraint.

Wall mounted compact pooja shelf ideal for apartments

Pooja room design

#2 A Spacious  Pooja Room With Pillars and Wooden Doors

Pooja Room Design

Pooja Room Design

Pooja room design

#3 An Intricately Carved Traditional Pooja Room With Niches

Pooja room design

Pooja room design

Pooja room design

#4 A Wall-Mounted Pooja Cabinet With Storage

Pooja room design

Pooja room design

#5 A Standalone Pooja Room Design For Homes 

If no space is available, stand alone pooja units may be accommodated. It can be an old antique cupboard that can be transformed into a pooja unit or any odd cabinet that is easily convertible. Recycling cabinets is very affordable and eco – friendly.

New stand alone units are easily built. They can be made to the space available. A granite shelf or glass on ply within the cabinet allows for easy cleaning when lighting lamps or agarbathis.

Pooja room design

Here are some more wall-mounted compact pooja designs for your apartments.

#6 Wall Niche Pooja Design 

Any wall niches available can be converted into pooja units as well. They can be aesthetically treated with a mirror back to create the illusion of more space.

Pooja Room Design

#7 A Separate Pooja Room

Pooja room design

Pooja room design

#8 Pooja Room Design

Pooja room design

Pooja room design

#9 A Standalone Pooja Cabinet 

Pooja room design

#10 A Wall Mounted Pooja Cabinet 

mandir design

mandir design

Here are a few other pooja rooms in luxurious apartments and houses you will love:

Image Courtesy: Jyothika Baleri


  1. Brinda Patel

    great design for pooja room. thanks for sharing.

  2. Chandrika

    Love pooja room #4 and shelf in wall mounted stand in #1
    Where did you pick up the stand featured in #1.?
    Do you have a different view into pooj room #4?

  3. laksh

    it’s a custom built one. But you find similar one just with teh drawers in Urban Ladder – a wall mounted desk.

  4. HI,
    i would like know price of #1 WALL-MOUNTED POOJA ROOM, and also which type of wood is used

  5. Hi. The designs are beautiful. May I please ask where from did you fetch the wodden shelf in design #1. It is very elegent and beautiful. I would need a similar one for my house in Bangalore. Thank you.

  6. laksh

    Hi Soumya, they are all custom made. You can get in touch with Jyotika.

  7. can you give me the dimensions of #9 standalone pooja cabinet

  8. Lakshmi

    It should be about 4 feet in height and 2.5 feet in width

  9. Sharanya

    Hi there,

    Where can I find #10? If it’s custom built, who do I reach out to. I love that piece and would love to get one for my house. Please let me know.

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