Every once in a while, I get tired of modern home furniture and crave for something natural and minimalistic. I came across a flyer of bamboo furniture among some old magazines a neighbor lent me to read. The furniture was very impressive despite the rustic look.  I logged on to see if the company still(Logasree creations)  existed and what their current products looked like; it was quite disappointing to find no trail of  it any more.  But, that didn’t deter me from exploring further on Bamboo furniture.

If we ever buy a house on the countryside, this is how the furniture is going to look like :)

Living Room Bamboo Sofas
Living Room Bamboo Sofa

Doesn’t the living room look uber-cool with this bamboo sofa set? However, I think it would be nice to not have such a polished look for the walls and flooring; the earthiness is missing.

Bedroom furniture
Bedroom furniture

Scores high on looks, but comfort?

Side and coffee tables
Side and coffee tables

I don’t have to wait for the countryside villa to get these side tables. They’ll work well as balcony furniture. Imagine a 7-ft wide * 12-ft long balcony lined up with flowering pots, a cane chair, and a bamboo coffee table with some flowers and candles – in the mood for a cuppa? Well, indulge yourself; the weekend is here. See you all back

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