It’s been two weeks since the last post? In my head, I thought I was away only this past week.  School admission and a very active cold virus in the house had kept us grounded for nearly a fortnight. However, I did find some time to hit the home decor stores in between for fresh finds.

I’ve been staying up late nights with a book, and once I’m done, it’s quite a task to walk off the bed and switch off the tube lights. Can you believe the bedroom does not have a table lamp yet? We’ve lead a nomadic life these past few years that some of the essentials never found a place. We are slowly getting our lives back in order and so is the house.  Well, I did have two, one of which I gave away when we last moved. I couldn’t find the shade for the other and came up with all these crazy projects t make one myself. It wasn’t worth the effort as the base, though never used, had suffered from the numerous packing/unpacking sessions. So, a table lamp figures high in the list of things to be purchased immediately.

I’ve been busy looking for interesting, simple and budget-friendly (under Rs.700) table lamps for my bedroom. It was quite disappointing to not find even a single tasteful piece at @ Home. It’s been a while since I stopped visiting Home Town. Home Town store displays are rather boring and highly priced.  Home Art didn’t stock any either. Can you believe what dismal lighting section most of these big retail stores have? So, I went to a few local light shops to find a clean lamp shade. Yes, I mean clean because most of the lamp shades (including the ones at @ Home on sale) are dirty from being over-exposed or lived a more shelf life than they were meant to.  In any case, it was a futile search in person and online to get a table lamp.

Some inspiration doesn’t hurt, does it?

Very functional table lamp
Very functional table lamp

Recycled, colorful  table lamp
Recycled, colorful table lamp
Bamboo Table Lamp
Bamboo Table Lamp
Floral Table Lamps
Floral Table Lamps
Finally, a no-fancy, just serves the purpose lamp
Finally, a no-fancy, just serves the purpose lamp

I think I might find a one either with clean lines or something that is a riot of colors in Lifestyle Home Center. Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. I do not use lamps and so have never looked around for them specifically but the only other place I think I have seen lamps are fabindia.

    Love your site :)

  2. I know what you’re talking about. there’s a dearth of good table lamps these days. I particularly like the last pic you’ve put in, the functional one.

    Here’s my tabble lamp saga. The bottle table lamp in your post – I used to constantly keep using bigger liquor bottles (like that beautiful Black&White whisky one in green)to make these lamps for home. I would take off the labels, though. Then, when I tired of those, I made a few for an exhibition stall, that were filled with those tiny stones you use in an aquarium – slightly transparent ones. Then at home, the empty bottle lamp bases broke, so, I had to do something. Two vases looking more like urns for ashes were gifted to use – these were pressed into service with the bulb holder placed gingerly on the mouth mouth. Now, two of the three are broken and I’m looking for something unique, non-Fabinida and not very expensive. Planning to check out the Mother Earth store here in Mumbai. You could check if they ahve an outlet in your city. They have some very pretty stuff.

  3. laksh

    Thank you, Sunitha. Welcome here. Yes, I think Fabindia stocks more of the paper lamps, but definitely worth checking out.

  4. laksh


    Wow! That must have been a lot of fun to make your own lamps. I get the bottle interesting concept and one whose color you can change as and when you like with different stones and pebbles. Yes, Mother Earth is close by but I’ve never been there. I was quite impressed to see a few things in their store though. Maybe it’s time to visit now :)

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