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Elaine Griffin, a NewYork-based interior designer, recently published her first book Design Rules (now in stores) that draw my attention to her work. Some of the rooms designed by her are incredible. The more I see well-styled rooms, it’s becoming easier to follow a pattern and common elements that distinguish them.

Kids room
Kids' room

Come to think of it, it’s not hard to design an elegant looking room like this one by following basics:  subtle/bold  colors for walls based on your taste/personality,  and the opposite color scheme for artifacts and furnishings in the room.

Of late, I’ve been imagining doing up our study with white walls, yellow blinds, and red table lamps. The thought of bringing color to a room with various objects is exciting. In that sense, the room pictured above appealed a lot. The white bed sheets kind of offsets too much color in the room. The multi-colored concentric circles on the headboard is a simple idea to  bring in the fun element. Notice the simple table lamps with red border that’s well complemented by the colorful tissue box. The one thing I didn’t like was the flooring – the mustard-yellow carpet, to be precise.

Have you hired an interior designer to do your home or did you do it yourself? Is your home a reflection of who you are and your tastes? Did you give in to current trends or went the evergreen way or adhered to what you’ve always liked and believed in?

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