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My maternal grandparent’s home had a vast collection of  black and white pictures. The framed pictures adorned all the walls in a line, just below the ceiling. Some were group pictures; some cute ones of my 10 uncles and aunts when they were kids; some taken in a studio in the traditional pose with the husband seated in a chair and the wife demurely standing beside him; some wedding pictures of the first born. What totally intrigued me was pictures of totally unknown people stayed up there. There was this picture I remember vividly of a bearded old man, in his late 70s, that no one could tell for sure who it was; it had passed down generations and one theory was he was a distant relative.

Family pictures such as these made for great conversations during our annual vacation; we cousins poked fun at the style of the 50’s and 70’s looking at how our mothers and uncles were dressed in their teens. There is a feeling of warmth, personality and style that family pictures brings to any room based on how well they are grouped and displayed.

The reason I started thinking about this was because I intend to frame a few pictures of my son and our family and decorate the walls of his room. When he was younger, I made a collage out of thermacol and glued some cute pictures in natural poses and funny outfits on it. Many marked a milestone like the first turn, first step, first smile etc. More than me, my son looked at them with amazement.

Here are a few ideas for accessorizing your walls with family photos. Get inspired!

Collage in black and white frames
Collage in black and white frames
A colorful collage by bedside
A colorful collage by bedside
Bringing a hallway to life!
Bringing a hallway to life!
Can never go wrong with pink
Can never go wrong with pink
A family tree
A family tree - nice holiday gift?

A few tips to get the look right:

1. Group the pictures with a similar theme, size and color. For instance, keep the black and white framed ones of similar size together.

2. Lay them on the floor to get an idea of how they would look on the wall. Space them equal and mark with a pencil before drilling holes.

3. Ensure the wall is large enough if you are going to hang too many pictures. Too little in a big space can be out of place. Similarly, too much in a small space can be overwhelming.

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