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I am always on the look out for bargain finds online. In particular, the ones that look like they cost a limb, but are easy on the pocket.

Well, I thank heavens for the day I introduced my mother to the world of online shopping. Every day, she shares a new find with me. Yesterday, she pointed me to 6 glass jars available on Home Centre, and another wholesale crockery store in Chennai where you get 250 ml spice jars for Rs.17. If that’s not a steal, I don’t know what is.

This post is inspired by that little tete-a-tete last evening. I’ve rounded up 15 finds for your kitchen that promises to add a oomph factor. The best part is all of them are under Rs.1,000.

15 Luxe-Looking, Affordable Kitchen Finds Under Rs.1,000

15. Green Marble Cutting Board from choppingboard for Rs.990

This natural stone cutting board is different in shape, color and material. Marble cutting boards are usually circular and white. The other popular alternative is the bamboo cutting board. All of choppingboard’s products are highly rated.

Glass jars from Home Centre

14. 800 ml glass storage jars (6 pieces) from Home Centre for Rs. 599

Not only do the lids look stylish, the tall, slender structure of the jars is a space saver. You can flaunt them in open shelves, too.

steel baking dish

13. Square steel baking dish for Rs. 419 from Wonderchef

Looks pretty ordinary, but it is a handy one to make square cakes and brownies.

Square glass baking dish

12. Square glass baking dish for Rs. 568 from Pasabache

If looks matter as much as function, then this is a great addition to the oven and the display shelf. The blue tint gives it an edge.

tea pot

11. A small floral design teapot from Home Stop for Rs. 499

Call me old school. The charm of entertaining with tea poured from a teapot is unparalleled. I’ve had the pleasure of indulging in these small pleasures of life in recent times.

luminarc glasses

10. A set of 6 old fashioned 300-ml glasses from Luminarc for Rs. 750

Choosing the simplest things baffle me at times. During my last visit to @home, I remember standing in the crockery section unable to make a decision. My 10-year old was swift in making one. He held the glass in his hand, checked for comfort of holding, ease of drinking and picked one. Just like that. But, this one was easy. These glasses fare well in the looks section, don’t you think?

sunshine jar

9. Be happy storage jar with a wooden lid from Chumbak for Rs. 595

Store cookies or munchies in this jar.  This jar will dress your kitchen counter. It is for those days when you need a dose of sunshine in mornings to perk your mood.

8. Sea and blue leaves quarter plate from Ta.Da for Rs.450. I found Tada’s portfolio mesmerizing. Their vibrant crockery range is a celebration of nature’s flaws.  As the brand puts in beautiful words, “The designs here seek harmony in chaos and form in the shapeless. Crude blobs, dense hand-drawn lines, and other curious motifs adorn its various collections. But behind the seemingly arbitrary is a grand celebration of Beautiful Imperfections.” It couldn’t have been said better.

Decoupaged tray from Artnlight

7. A chevron print tray from Artnlight for Rs.899. I’ve been a huge fan of Artnlight’s decoupaged trays for a long time. It’s on Vineeta’s blog that I first got familiarized about the art of decoupaging. This tray doubles up as a decor item to showcase accessories on the coffee table.

table runner

6. Table runner with rich India visuals from India Circus for Rs.699. This runner in bright colored hues shows a row of f conifer trees imposed intricately detailed patterns and water folds accompanied by birds and white swans.

dinner plate with food script

5. Dinner plate with script for Rs. 600 from Artnlight. I saw Tamil script embossed on crockery for the first time at the Paradise store in Sri Lanka and I was floored. I’ve been looking ever since and couldn’t find a store yet except Currimbhoy’s in Chennai. This one come close.

pot and pan organizer

4. Pan and pot lid organizer holder from Callas for Rs.1099. I believe this is one time saving item that will be make my everyday organizing in the kitchen useful and efficient. I have a set of 3 tawas and 2 pans that I use everyday. I stack them currently after washing and wiping in a lower corner cabinet using a plate rack. But, as you can expect, I would suddenly hear sounds of falling pans. Yes, it’s creepy at times. The nice thing about this rack is it can be used to stack vertically or horizontally.

cupcake and coffee

3. A framed poster for the kitchen for Rs.849.  To lighten the mood when you are not in the mood to whip up a dish.

dish drainer

2. A compact dish drainer for Rs. 795

a pre-seasoned iron tawa

1.A pre-seasoned iron tawa for Rs.599. I have a similar one for dosa and rotis. But, let me be honest. I’ve not gone totally non-stick free. Yet. I have one non-stick pan and tawa that I use for emergencies or when I need to make dosas quick. Otherwise, it’s a combination of hand down iron kadais and tawas by both my granny and soapstone (kalchetti) pots.

What’s life without these little indulgences. I hope you enjoy as much as I did putting together this list.





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