Easter is a reminder of how soon time flies. It marks the end of another school year, and the beginning of summer break. With kids home, Easter is a harbinger of a prolonged period of messy homes, and DIY craft and science experiments all around the home. Some gone awry, of course. If you haven’t given Easter decorations much thought, don’t fret. I’ve rounded up seven, super-easy, fun DIY projects that you can do with materials around the house. You don’t have to run errands for craft supplies. But, you know what the biggest motivator is: these project promise to keep your kids busy for a while.

Brush strokes eggs for a cute easter decoration #egg #easter #easydiy #diy #diyhomedecor

1. Pink brush stroke easter eggs: this project redefines easy. Boil white eggs, or take a couple of plastic eggs. With flat brush dipped in pink paint, gently paint the surface in random brush stroke patterns. Use a color of your choice.

Splatter ink on eggs to make for cute monchromatic ones. Use food color so they can consumed as well. #diy #easter #eggs

2. Ink splattered eggs: this is a fun project to get your kids involved. They will love the getting messy part. Splatter either ink or food colors on eggs to get random monochromatic patterns.

A nice arrangement can instantly perk up a room. It's not rocket science, but there is technique and strategy involved whem composing the perfect flower arrangement. You too can build a bouquet of blooms like a pro with these easy-to-follow tips!

3. Egg shells as vases : don’t lose heart if your dye project did not go as planned. Use the empty dyed shells as vases instead and fill them pretty brightly hued seasonal flowers.

Use knocked egg shells like vases. Dip them in a dye. Fill them with pretty tulips.

4. Dip and dye empty shells:  Empty the egg shells. Put them back in the carton upside down. Spray the top part with a food color or ink, and use it as a vase. You can color coordinate the dye color with the flowers.

DIY Marbled Indigo Easter Eggs

5. Marbled eggs: the marbled eggs at first glance may appear to be an intimidating project. But, believe me, you need not be a Picasso to get this stunning effect. Head over to the link for detailed instructions.

Don't you love mud cloth? Learn how to make these DIY mud cloth inspired Easter eggs.

6. Black and white patterned eggs: These eggs require some special skills: the ability to draw intersecting lines and circles with vivid imagination. That’s how easy it is. Grab a sharpie and let your creativity run wild on white boiled eggs.


Pretty No-Dye Easter Eggs

7. Confetti eggs: no colors, no mess. This is one project your young kids will love and feel involved. Create polka dots from colored paper and glue them on the eggs. As simple as it gets.

Give it a shot and I hope the end result is Insta worthy.

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