Watch the pros shine a hard-water stained bathroom: cleaning secrets revealed

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A sparkling, shining bathroom is the mirror of a well-run home.

It’s been a little over two years since we moved into the new home; the signs of wear and tear, ageing are beginning to show. The dirt accumulating along the grout lines, the stubborn build up of hard water stains or the faint water marks on the faucets narrate a story. They are what remains of the several evening soirees, casual tete-a-tetes over tea with the neighbors, and a house teeming with kids poring over board games in the summer.  Yes, while memories are made, immovable objects do take a hit.

While we like to believe, that the most well-kept homes have a secret or two for how they are so immaculate all the time, the truth is it is hard work. Sure, I do have a trick or two for keeping the bathrooms in a pristine state that I have shared from time to time. Like using that one cleaner for everything from tiles to commode, or the automotive polish to shine the taps.

Yet, the hard water leaves you stumped from time to time. The stubborn build up is no match for the daily cleaning. In a few months they begin to show. Thankfully, for me, because of the choice of light colored, chemical resistant, highly durable tiles, the damages were not as bad as one would expect. But, they were obvious. That’s when I enlisted the deep cleaning services of Homework in Bangalore.

Why You Need To Deep Clean Your Home:

As much as we would like to believe that we can keep the floors glisten like a hotel either by doing it ourselves or with the help of a house help, it’s a losing battle. There are small things that we don’t notice in the humdrum of daily lives – like the blades of a fan, the crevices of a window, the chimney in the kitchen, the handrails of a staircase – the list is endless.

When the stains form, it does take man power, an immense amount of elbow grease, and a methodical approach to make the bathrooms not show any signs of blemish. And like they say, somethings are best left to the professionals. Well, because it’s their daily job. And, it’s best to get the bathrooms deep cleaned at least once a year.

How is deep cleaning by professionals different

This time I documented the entire process replete with before and after for all of you to see and incorporate. Is there a secret to how the shine is restored?

Well, yes and no. Yes, there is.

  • They do not use one cleaner for everything from commode to tiles and granite. The cleaning grade of every chemical depends on the surface. For instance, the floor tiles required a stronger descaling agent than say the granite. Similarly, the cleaner used for the glass partition was far more gentle than the one used for wall tiles.
  • No abrasives are used for granite as it will spoil the natural stone.
  • I also said there is no secret because it is a systematic process. For instance, clearing the dirt from the glass with a sponge, then scrubbing for stains and scales with a solution, and finally wiping with microfiber cloth. It does require force, scrubbing, patience, and elbow grease to expedite in letting the cleaning agent do the work.

Watch the professionals deep clean a bathroom

My review of the process:

A team of five men came to clean two bathrooms guided by a supervisor. They did a commendable job of cleaning the bathroom, taking out the contents before the process, and placing them back where it was.

It took them about three hours to clean the space. I felt this was on a higher side. Other than that, the service was good.

deep cleaning service

There are two videos showing the before and after of the entire bathroom, and the shower glass panel.

deep cleaning service

deep cleaning of bathrooms bangalore

How to remove dust mites from your mattress the easy way

In addition to deep cleaning, they have several add on services such as steam vacuuming a mattress at an additional cost. If you recall, I spoke about our frequent trysts with my son’s allergies. I have taken several steps in the past few weeks to tackle the allergy issue. But, that’s for another post. As part of that endeavor, I got one mattress steam vacuumed to ensure it is free of bed bugs and dust mites. You can watch the whole process here:

A Professional Shares Her Secrets: To Keep The Bathroom Shining

Here are a few handy housekeeping secrets from them that will help you in the easy maintenance of your bathrooms.

1. What worries a lot of us is the state of the bathrooms – watermarks and lime scales on the floor. What are your 2 handy tips on maintenance that will reduce everyday stress?

To avoid any new watermarks and scaling on the floor it is imperative to make sure after a shower to use a wiper to clean the floor. When you or your help clean floors during a regular cleaning cycle remember using buckets of water is not wise. Use a slightly damp mop to wipe the floors. Once a week making a vinegar and baking soda mixture and a soft sponge to wipe down the tiles and corners of the floors which tend to go black the most. If your floors have existing hard water stains use a professional cleaning service to polish the floors to atleast try and bring some of the original sheen back on the floor.
2. Your advice on cleaning blinds and curtains and how often they should be cleaned?
Steam vacuum them atleast once a month. If you don’t have a steam vacuum cleaner hire professional help . It’s not overly expensive and it’s totally worth it cause remember those curtains, sofas and mattresses are collecting a lot of dust. Take down the curtains atleast once a year and send them to the dry cleaner .
3. What is the one thing you notice often in Indian homes that people struggle with respect to cleaning, maintenance etc.?
Indian homes specially struggle with keeping their bathrooms and kitchens clean. It’s why there is such a high need for pest control. Kitchen cleaning is an important aspect and not much is said or written about it.
Updated in 2019:
Use your discretion before availing the service. It would help others if you share your experience in the comments below after availing the service.  I got a complaint of a service from these folks gone bad yesterday and since my reviews are meant to be objective, I’m sharing it here.
If you have had good experience, please share that, too.


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