For most of us, finding the right art to deck up the walls can be tricky. Even more so, if you do not frequent exhibitions,  or understand the distinction between originals and prints, or interpret the meaning.

Thanks to a dozen websites that sell art now, buying one has come within reach. But, the paradox of choice still exists. Scrolling through literally thousands of images across websites to choose just the right one can itself be a daunting task.

Abstract or landscape?

People or wildlife?

What size?

What color?

Moe than the budget I think it is the thought of deciding what to buy, and if it is the right choice for a wall that is intimidating. If you are confused, you are not alone. We’ve all been there.

I’ve rounded up a dozen paintings all well under Rs 15000 so it won’t put a dent in your savings account. To make it easy, I’ve also categorized them based on your wall color. The popular choice to categorize is by room, but I prefer going by the wall color; unless it is something outrageous meant for your eyes only that you decide to put up in the living room.


This collection tends to gravitate towards abstract prints as it is easier to be non-judgmental and make gives a smaller room for error. The splash of color is often enough to uplift a room instantly making it the focal point of attraction.

Designer’s Tip:

Choose a print in one predominant color like blue or red here. If you are hanging two medium prints on a wall, ensure the sizes are similar.  Prints such as these are so full of life by themselves that you can skip treating the wall with texture paint or wallpaper.

abstract print from artcollective

Buy this 25 * 20 inch framed digital art print for Rs 6719

Red is a strong color which in limited doses can perk up a room, or camouflage other eyesores.

Designer’s Tip

If it is one large print, ensure it is proportional to the wall’s dimensions. For instance, this print look good when hung vertically on a double height wall.

Wall art from art collective

Buy this 20 * 40 inch framed digital art print for Rs 11,929

One can never go wrong with blue. It’s a choice to lean towards when you want a calming effect or coastal vibes.

framed digital art print

Buy this 16 * 20 inch framed digital art print for Rs 6,019

fiery orange framed digital print

Buy this 18 * 24 inch framed digital art print for Rs 3390

abstract digital art

Buy this 24 inch * 18 inch framed digital art print for Rs 8320

abstract art titled thoughts

Buy this 24 inch * 24 inch framed digital art print for Rs 10,010


To offset the color, one of the safest prints on an accent wall is a panel of black & white prints.

black and white print

Buy this 24 * 24 inch digital art print for Rs 8989


artwork for bar

Buy this 14 * 18 inch framed digital art print for Rs 1894


These are a great fit for the hallway or  a narrow strip of an isolated wall in the living.

Designer’s Tip

You can create a theme around some of the places you’ve been to or aspire to visit. Make a gallery wall arranging frames vertically or horizontally.

framed digital art print

Buy this 21 * 21 inch framed digital art print for Rs 6369

scooter in Rome

Buy this 21 inch * 27 inch framed art print for Rs 3723

Beach art print

Buy this framed art print for Rs 6776

Chicago architectural tour

This traces the famed architectural tour along the river and Lake Michigan in Chicago. Buy this framed print in varying sizes



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