A wedding anniversary, a birthday, and the day for professing love world wide – all fall in the month of February. In other words, the house is smelling fresh of flowers and bouquets all round the month.

My husband used to be once called a ‘florist’ dearly by friends for the amount of money he spent (umm, invested!) in buying flowers. I’m not fond of red roses, so they never find a place in our flower arrangements. Rajnigandha is a personal favorite. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and much to my surprise, this year, my husband walked in with a huge bouquet containing a dozen Rajnigandha sticks nestled in pink and white roses held together by lavenders.

How do you forgive/forget and bury a argument? Flowers have always done the trick for me; they are also a cheap and instant way of decorating and bringing cheer into a home. As the bouquet was huge, I split into two today and filled the vases.


Rajnigandha sits atop the center table in a beautiful glass vase.

Roses in a copper vessel
Roses in a copper vessel

While the roses are in a new copper vessel. I picked up this copper vessel (usually used for last rites in the South or for drinking water) from a large stainless steel retail store called Ratna Stores in Trichy for Rs.110. I’m into thrift decoration these days – in tune with the times. If you’d agree, most magazines last year, screamed of headlines such as decorating on a budget or how not to let recession get in the way of doing up your home.

I add a little sugar to the water and change the water every day. This way it lasts for 4 days. How was your Valentine’s Day? What’s your trick for making fresh flowers last longer?


  1. Love your copper vase. Besides the sugar water, your flowers will last longer if you keep snipping off the stems little by little each day.As the stems get shorter, transfer them to a shorter vase for a different arrangement.

  2. laksh

    Thank you for the advice, Sharon. Must try.

  3. Hey.. I’m here from blogadda… Lovely blog you’ve got here..

    Love those pictures… wow!! wow!!

    Are you in Dubai??

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