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Any regular viewers of Vir Sanghvi’s Custom Made series on NDTV Good Times here? I happened to see the last five minutes of a episode on Friday night and liked the custom made candles on display. But, missed getting the name of the designer.

Anyways, I spotted an elegant range of scented candles on Facebook called Illuminati Candles that I wish to share here today. According to its creator Lauren Paxton, these are gel scented candles with an average burning time of 9 hours.

This one left me starry-eyed
This one left me starry-eyed
With blue beads
With blue beads

I think it’s an idea worth trying out if you have the gel candle making kit. The hobby ideas kit won’t work because it’s not transparent.  With fancy assorted glass containers and different colorful objects used for suspension, you can have your own range of scented candles for a party.


Lauren Paxton on FB


  1. I watched that episode. The designer’s name was Sabbah Sheikh.

  2. sabaah sheikh

    hi really nice to hear from you…strangely my company name is also illuminatii !! god seen this msg after a year!!! would love to hear from you regards sabaah

  3. I saw the episode of ur elegant candles on vir sanghavi’s show today. The candles look amazing. Well, they definitely go with ur gorgeous personality. Good work sabah. Will dedefinitely buy some candles from khan market studio of yours.

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