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Mosaic is the art of fitting together small pieces of colorful tiles, stones and other objects to form an image or a pattern. Mosques, monuments, and buildings of cultural and spiritual significance in the Middle-east use them liberally. In fact, the recently opened Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the largest in the world, has a 18,000 sq-mt courtyard in marble mosaic.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque
The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

Closer home, this is something you can pursue as a hobby.  Fevicryl’s Hobby Ideas has a started kit containing mosaics, a board to stick on and a glue medium. Mosaics have the inherent quality to bring color into a room. The piece of art need not be very big but it can still transform and bring freshness to a boring room. Create your own pattern with the kit and see how it goes. Once you are familiar, set yourself free and try your hands on wide range of things from the pots in your garden to trays in the kitchen and photo frames. Leaving you with some images for inspiration:

On a pot
On a pot

Isnt this funky?
Isn't this funky?
Mirror with jewelery
Mirror with jewelery

This one’s a mirror with a lot of detailing using jewelery, beads, and tiny tiles. The creator runs an etsy shop that has more of his breathtaking pieces I simply loved. Most importantly, I think they are reasonably priced. With a little effort and by giving up  some napping time, maybe you can come up with something extraordinary like this.

Image credit:

The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque  – Gulf News / Financial Times

Pot – Facebook

Shoe – Flickr

Mirror – Flickr

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