woke up in the wee hours this morning to the distant wailing of a baby. The clock read 4:23 a.m. The subconscious mind told the body to go back to sleep for another hour when the alarm was set to go off. The peace didn’t long last before I woke up again to a clearly uncomfortable baby.

I pulled myself out of bed.

A few hours later, my new neighbor walked in a sleep-deprived, disheveled avatar. She wondered if we had an air cooler to spare. You see, they moved in a few days back and were unprepared for this heat onslaught.

I wasn’t surprised. After all, we went through a similar ordeal only two years ago. The winter-to-summer shift happens as if it were at the flip of a button. No warning.

She said, “We have never felt the need for a cooler or a/c all these years, and a/c doesn’t suit us.” 

I don’t know about you, but the mention of air cooler conjures fond summer memories from my childhood. My brother and I enjoyed filling water in that bulky thing that took up a quarter of our humble bed room. But, who gives a damn to the lack of space when it spurred into action and sent out cool air! And, we are talking 45 degrees plus here.

Such simple pleasures of life. The flipside? Many. When the motor whirred into motion, IT was the only thing that spoke in the room. And then, there was the problem of breeding mosquitoes.

To be honest, I conjured up images of the bulky coolers and thought, “why air coolers?”

Like everything else, the passage of time has made today’s air coolers better in form and function. Take the ones from Orient Electric, for instance.

How are today’s air coolers better?

Killer looks: well, for one, they are sleeker and blend in with the aesthetics of a room. You have a range of colors to choose from that best complement the room.

Low noise: Orient’s air coolers sport high angled aerodynamic fan blades that ensure longest air delivery with low operating noise.

Purified air: dust-laden air and pollution is the bane of modern existence. The Orient air coolers use a carbon dust filter fitted with activated carbon. The filters remove airborne contaminants and throw filtered air.

Quick cooling: Orient coolers use an advanced 60-hole water distribution system. This ensures the cooling pads are soaked in the shortest possible time providing quick cooling. It also ensures that no holes are clogged during operation.

Lower water consumption: The Honeycomb Cooling pads in Orient coolers use a feature called DENSENEST. In simpler terms, the cooling filaments are closely packed that ensures 45% higher water retention and 25% better cooling.

Save on electricity bills: the air coolers are eco-friendly compared to air conditioners. They do not emit harmful greenhouse gases and you energy bills will be relatively lower.

Anti-mosquito breeding: I remember how filling water in the old desert coolers was fun, but cleaning it? Well, not so much. But, one had to clean it often as the stagnant water served as a breeding ground for mosquitoes if the cooler was not used for a couple of days. The Orient coolers use a solution that deters mosquito breeding.

Antibacterial tank: it was impossible to clean the nooks and crevices of the water tanks of the old desert coolers. Fungi and bacteria thrived under these conditions. Once the cooler started running, these would be airborne. Immense thought has gone into the way the new coolers have been designed. The tank resin has a unique antibacterial compound that protects it from any bacteria formation on the surface. This also ensures there is no bad odour from the cooler.

Easy maintenance: the Orient coolers are designed in such a way that it is easy to maintain and clean. Take the cooling pads, or the antibacterial tank, for instance.

Wise lady, I think, since she has a cooler in mind. Wish it had crossed my mind to check on coolers instead of spending sleepless nights. A/cs were so much in demand that we had to wait for off-season to get them installed. And now, I’m kicking myself in the rear for having a/cs installed. I’m constantly switching it on and off for the environment is never right to sleep through the night.

What air cooler models do I recommend?

If the heat is getting to you, then I suggest you check out air cooler. Here are two coolers I recommend:

Knight 70L

Ultimo 65L

Both the models use densenest honeycomb cooling medium, dust filter, prevent mosquito breeding, and have an anti-bacterial tank. They are remote operated and can be moved easily.

orient air cooler

On that note, the neighbor did find a spare cooler from another neighbor. Technology advances. And with it, our perceptions, too. Here’s looking forward to an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

(This post is in association with Orient Electric)

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