Drape your bed with these sheets from Spaces to escape to the English countryside

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I started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix this week. Six episodes down, I’m hooked.

For someone with a viewing history as varied as Narcos, McMafia, Person of Interest, and The Newsroom, I’ve surprised myself this time for being fascinated with this period drama. The subtle English humour delivered with deadpan expressions caught the fancy of even my 11-year old. He quipped, “How formal are these people making a big deal of dinner every day. And just how many parallel plot lines do they have running at any time?”

I say blame it on the magnificent castle where the series is set. For any decor aficionado, the lush green gardens around the estate and grandeur of the rooms are enough to keep your eyes peeled episode after episode.

Like me, if you find yourself hankering for an English cottage style home, how about we begin with the bedrooms. The fabrics and furnishings of a room play a key role in defining the character and mood of a space.


Spaces has launched a lovely new range of English cottage style bed sheets that have made our armchair shopping tad more comfortable, and the fantasy of sleeping in a quaint countryside-like charming bedroom closer to reality.

Spaces captures beautifully the essence of this new collection beautifully:

Few things in life are as idyllic as a quaint English countryside cottage with a lovely garden outside. The pretty floral patterns and subtle shades of the bedsheets from the brand new English Cottage Collection, of the Essentials range designed by SPACES, bring this pleasant feeling to your room.

The bed sheets woven from 100% cotton come with a thread count of 144. The colours used are fade resistant and safe for sensitive skin.

I’m presenting to you my favourites from the collection — the ones with a dash of colour and oodles of style.


This subtle floral-patterned sheet won my heart over. Add an accent chair or two, a glass jar of biscuits on the nightstand, a faux fireplace, and you are all set for a night in the cottage. For a little drama, you can layer it with a solid sheet.

Drape your bed with these sheets from Spaces to escape to the English countryside


This geometric pattern in shades of teal blue, vibrant red, and muted yellow is a departure from the all-too-familiar florals. A modern twist on the English cottage style, these sheets come with a thread count of 144 that make them comfortable to sleep on.

English cottage style premium quality cotton bed sheets from Spaces


This understated pattern in lavender that lets everything around it shine. Woven from 100% cotton, this sheet is brilliantly designed to impress with a clever half and half overlay pattern of dreamy flowers.

English cottage style premium quality cotton bed sheet from Spaces


These vintage-styled vibrant red flowers are fiery at best, and yet subdued: notice the pinstripes on pillow covers that tone down the bold colours?.

English cottage style premium quality cotton bed sheet from Spaces


Aren’t those miniature tree prints in Indigo and mint green cute? They are appealing in their way because it’s not your typical pastel colours.

English cottage style premium quality cotton bed sheet from Spaces


I’m in love with the colour of these sheets. I’m yearning to go on vacation: is it the soothing blue, or the ethereal flowers, or the combination of blue and white? I don’t know. You decide. It does feel luxurious for the affordable price tag.

English cottage style premium quality bed linen from Spaces

And that brings us to a close.

Of course, we can’t beckon an Anna or Gwen to make our bedrooms look immaculately clean. But, those are goals worth pursuing. Aren’t they? Now, how about a little indulgence to prepare ourselves and the space we spend one-third of our lives in, a little cosier and welcoming. So, maybe we (yes, that starts with me) really shouldn’t wait for the bed linen to fade in colour or the threads to come off before buying a new one.

Image courtesy: Spaces

This post is in association with Spaces.



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