I swooned when this living room popped up in my Insta feed yesterday, and I couldn’t wait to see the rest of this industrial chic cottage.

You see, more often that not, you go weak on the knees by the style of one room when the rest of the home is diametrically opposite in design. But, with this one, as I saw more, I wanted to see more of its metamorphosis over the years. With each passing picture over the timeline, it’s as if you are peeling layer by layer, and it only gets better with every addition of a rug here, a plant there, a DIY up on the wall, or a vintage find re-purposed into something.

This beautiful home belongs to Yvonne Kwakkel and her family. They live in Swifterbant town in the Dutch province of Flevoland. It’s a big departure from the aesthetics I’m naturally drawn to time and again, which is, a white canvas with pops of color. This house has a style of its won – one like you’ve never seen before, a trendsetter, which is reason enough to scroll back and forth until you’ve soaked it all in.

Yvonne’s house is a showcase of her DIYs, vintage finds, upcycled appliances, and clever styling. But, most importantly, it’s her unique aesthetic sense. I mean, you rarely see another living room or kitchen like that. It’s not a house that is drawn from inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram.

Now, it’s time to step in and tour the home, shall we?


Shades of grey has taken the color palette of this living room. It is flanked by the outdoor area on one side, which I assure is a delight to be savored for the end, and the dining room on the other. The coffee tables you see here have been made by Yvonne using strips of scaffolding board. The floor, curtains, and wall color flow seamlessly in a sea of grey beautifully offset by that tan sofa, potted greens, and yellow accent cupboard on one end.

All the furniture sport that worn our, rugged look to make the room look coherent. Nothing is too modern or polished to feel out of place. And when it is, like that sofa, the colors blends in well.

Industrial home of Yvonne Kwakkel

Industrial home of Yvonne Kwakkel


I cant decide if I love that window frame more or the barbecue grill reused as a planter.

Industrial home of Yvonne Kwakkel

Industrial home of Yvonne Kwakkel


This is a view of the dining and kitchen from the living.

Industrial home of Yvonne Kwakkel

dining room


Industrial home of Yvonne Kwakkel

That chalkboard is another DIY.

Industrial home of Yvonne Kwakkel


This is the workstation at one end of the living room.



The industrial look makes its way into the bedroom as well with a stone clad wall.




This charming outdoor area all dressed to entertain guests on a lovely summer evening leaves no hint of the industrial look one may expect to see inside. Yes, sometimes, looks are deceiving, and who is to complain if they are for the better. We’ve all seen different versions a similar outdoor area filled with colorful cushions to get that boho look. Maybe I’m getting a lil tired of it and needed this refreshing change. You know what I mean..when you see too much of the same thing? This was definitely a whiff of fresh air.

outdoor space

To emulate her style, you can follow her on Instagram where she generously shares the sources of all the accessories and furniture.

Image courtesy:

Yvonne Kwakkel

Some pictures and inputs from Interior Junkie (relevant pictures watermarked)


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