Hand-painted Pottery in Electric Blue

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Have you seen Liz Kinder’s work? Once you do, you can’t stop raving about the pots. Liz Kinder is a ceramicist based in Philadelphia. When I see the pots, the first thing that appeals to me are the extraordinary shades of blue and green – electric blue, turquoise, lime green, teal blue, and copper sulphate blue. Look at this work in white clay. The clean lines, simple patterns, rich colors come together so beautifully making it look incredibly easy. But it’s not. After trying to paint on white clay this weekend, I can tell you it just looks simple.

What’s amazing is in her porcelain range, you can find contrasting colors blending seamlessly with the curved white lines.

I painted an earthen pot at home last week inspired by this range. The results aren’t very good but I would like to try again. It was fun mixing colors to get different shades of blue and green. How an extra drop of yellow in blue can change it to green while what you wanted was a bluish green.

Earthen pot in electric blue
Earthen pot in electric blue
Just another view
Just another view

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  1. Hi, so what kind of paint should one get to paint pots?

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