Are you itching to transform your bedroom, study or, even the living room, for that matter? Tired of seeing the same interiors when you walk in at the end of the day? Has it been a long time since you got that painting job done or spent some money renovating your apartment?

Walls are the most easy spaces in a house to bring about a quick transformation without spending a fortune. There is also enough room for experimentation when it comes to walls. I present you with three quick ways to re-do one wall of a room under Rs.10,000.  I say, one wall, because this wall become the focal point of the room and overdoing it can make it look cluttered, small and remove the magic.

1. Cladding: It is a technique for applying non-structural material to the walls of a room. More and more apartment owners are choosing to apply wall cladding to their living rooms, of late. It was a popular decor option for exterior walls but cladding has now moved indoors. Materials range from stones and tiles to fabric and wood. Stone cladding in earthy colors such as sandstone and beige are very popular. Fabric cladding is not very ideal for tropical conditions. A 8*10 ft wall will roughly cost you Rs.7,000 for stone cladding including labor. stones and mosaics come in a wide range of colors and sizes. It takes about 4-6 hours to complete a wall of this size. Once cladding is done, it is easier to maintain. Of course, there is a downside to every good thing. You cannot change the look of the wall easily.

Wall Cladding
Wall Cladding

2. Textured Walls: If you like a rugged finish, then go in for textured paint. It is available in Asian Paints. Textures consist of granules that is mixed to the paint and then applied on the wall with a roller. If you want a bright colored texture wall such as orange or yellow or pink, texture is usually first done in white and then followed with a simple layer of the bright paint color. The downside is texture increases the surface area of a wall. It’s also not very easy to remove them in the future.

Textured Wall - Love the black!
Textured Wall – Love the black!

3. Special Effects: I personally prefer special effects to textures to get the same look minus the peaks and valleys. Both techniques require highly skilled painters so there is not much of a difference in the labor cost. Use methods such as sponging, stenciling, combing or ragging to get that distinct finish and dramatic effect. Asian Paints has an impressive line-up but their only problem has been with execution. Lack of skilled painters results in a shabby job. You spend a good deal of money and then realize it’s tough to undo the mess! So insist on seeing previous work before commissioning painters for special effects.

Painting Special Effects
Painting Special Effects

Image Courtesy:

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  1. Very interesting post! I must check out some cladding options for one of the rooms I wanted to paint differently!

  2. Amol Dongare

    Where I can find contact information for cladding and Texture painting?

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