Give Your Small Bathroom a Luxurious Vibe

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Clutter free bathroom

Luxurious bathrooms don’t have to be spacious, expensive or branded. For a touch of opulence and a spa-like ambience, all you need is a combination of perfectly chosen design elements. Instead of spending a fortune, you can introduce details that will capture the essence of luxury, pieces that will create a feeling of cosiness and décor statements that will dominate your bathroom.

Minimal clutter free bathroom


First things first, hygiene is of the utmost importance in any bathroom, so this is the first step you need to take. Having a sparkling bathroom will prevent unpleasant smells, mould, grout and other problems that may affect the general atmosphere. Cleaning your bathroom thoroughly will give it a fresh, pristine look while decluttering will help you visually expand your small space. Afterwards, your small bathroom will have an open, airy atmosphere perfect for luxurious embellishments.


Updated hardware

Replacing your old bathroom hardware is a simple and cost-effective change that can create a luxurious look. The key lies in choosing the perfect finish that will help you add glitz and glamour to your space. A gold finish is always the right choice if you want to create a truly luxurious vibe. However, there are other equally stylish options that you can also choose. For instance, rose gold is elegant, yet subtler, giving a beautiful, romantic flair to a space. Copper and matte black are also trendy options for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in the bathroom.


Painting the bathroom walls will introduce a sense of novelty to your space while also allowing you to experiment with other hues. A rich colour palette can set the tone of elegance and sophistication, filling your space with an opulent vibe. Neutral, bright shades are appropriate for small spaces because they reflect more light and make them seem bigger. However, you can add an accent wall in a dark, moody tone that will create a cocoon effect and an ambience of reflection and relaxation. Despite the popular belief that dark colours aren’t appropriate for small spaces, they can actually create a classy effect if you do it right.


Luxurious bathrooms resemble distant exotic retreats where you can relax in an indulgent ambience. And the focal point of such an elegant design is always a glamorous and modern bathtub that dominates a bathroom with its subtle elegance. If you have a beautiful tub, be it small or big, you should let it shine as the statement piece in your bathroom. You can accentuate it through other décor elements, such as a soft area rug or a wooden side table nearby. When paired up with a beautiful chandelier, a stunning tub truly comes into the spotlight. A beautiful tub with clean, simple lines exudes effortless beauty, bringing a luxurious appeal to your bathroom.


luxurious bathroom

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A beautiful wall-to-wall mirror will add a touch of glamour to your tiny bathroom while also creating an illusion of spaciousness. Mirrors are one of the most common elements used in small spaces because they create an illusion of spaciousness. In addition, you can pick an intricately designed mirror frame that will make your bathroom even more luxurious.


luxurious bathroom

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luxurious small bathroom

Lush plants and fresh flowers are always found in luxurious bathrooms. Introducing them into your tiny retreat can help you create an airier, more open ambience with a soothing natural vibe. Fresh flowers placed by the sink can be the perfect embellishment, bringing a sense of freshness and a pop of colour.


Since lighting can set the tone for a space, you can use it to create a glamorous effect in your tiny bathroom. You should install subtle lighting that will create a soothing, zen-like vibe. Dimmers are a practical solution because they can be easily adjusted according to your needs. A pair of stylish fixtures on the sides of a mirror can create quite a flattering reflection while a gorgeous pendant or a chandelier placed above your tub can work as a mesmerising décor statement.


Art for bathroom

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Art is the perfect embellishment for elevating your bathroom décor and creating a classy appeal. Even a single piece can create a whimsical effect or introduce colour and pattern. You can use the wall space behind your toilet or tub for a beautiful effect. You can also use artwork with botanical motifs and natural scenery to create a calming atmosphere. Not only will this style up your small bathroom, but it will also give it your personal touch.

With these elegant details, you’ll be able to transform your small bathroom into a relaxing retreat of elegance and sophistication.

This is a guest post by Chloe Taylor.

Chloe is a graduated journalist from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time.  


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