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Mandir design for a small flat

A compilation of 11 pooja / mandir room designs for small apartments in wood and glass. 

Space is a luxury in today’s apartments; gone are the days when every house had a dedicated room.

“Good art inspires; Good design motivates” – Otl Aicher

This quote sums up the idea behind this post. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape for a few minutes to be with yourself, to rejuvenate the body and mind, and retreat from the humdrum of everyday life?

There’s so much focus on emotional well being now; I like to believe the traditional pooja and meditation rooms were stress-busters that served the purpose to connect with a higher power and keep the mind in balance. Perhaps the calming effect of the aroma from the incense, the positive reverberation of the chants, or the general energy of the room.

While there was a separate room designated for praying, meditating in traditional homes, the spatial constraints of present day apartments have forced us to rethink the design of pooja room.

This post is a collection of 12 pooja rooms (pooja ghar  mandir) designed by Livspace for apartments and homes alike. The versatile designs sporting a prominent use of wood and glass for that right balance of tradition and modernity range from wall mounted to stand alone cabinets.

Two traditional mandir designs you are bound to copy:

Wall-Mounted Pooja Units / Shelf / Cabinets in Living Room

When space is a luxury, use imagination to fill in the narrow walls. The designs below cleverly use an isolated wall to host the pooja space.

Floating shelves in wood hold the intricate brass statues flanked by hanging diyas. The wall mounted drawer completes the design and serves as storage to hold the pooja items. The handle-less, soft push drawers make the pooja unit blend seamlessly with the rest of the design in the dining area.

You can get creative with the back panel by a wood cladding to bring in warmth. The jaali panel with traditional motifs in white offsets the wood. What works in favor of this subtle design is that it is not demanding of space, and has a clean and uncluttered look. These mandir units can be installed in any corner of the living room or dining room.

Floating shelves modern pooja room design in the living room.
A wall mounted mandir unit. The CNC design in the back panel for the pooja room enhances its beauty.
Pooja room design in an apartment with wallpaper in the background. Designed by Livspace.
This puja room in a corner of the living room has a wallpaper in the background.

Contemporary interiors are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners now. The wallpaper as a backdrop in this design ensures continuity of design. The niche gives it a confined and secluded feeling away from the drawing room.

An extension of the previous design. This pooja space is also housed in a niche, but is a tad modern with a lit frosted glass back panel. This is more of a space for meditation. A small trunk box doubles up as storage for pooja samagri.

Wall mounted pooja units

Stand-alone Pooja Niches

Stand-alone pooja niches are more appealing because even though they do not have a dedicated room, it feels like as if there is one. It’s a clever design that can be made more appealing with jaali doors and side panels.

Glass etching design for pooja room with hanging brass bells and lamps.
Glass etching design for pooja room with hanging brass bells and lamps.
stand alone pooja room

Small Pooja Room Designs For Flats

A small pooka niche or mandir with one shelf
A narrow mandir or puja unit in a small apartment
A wall mounted puja unit with shelves on the side and bells

A dedicated pooja room

 One of my vivid memories from childhood is to pluck pink flowers from our garden for the morning pooja. We had converted a spare bedroom into the pooja room. Designated pooja spaces were common those days as the entire joint family gathered around for functions. So you can imagine, the sacred space was huge. Those memories came back in a flash when I saw the designs below.
When space is not a constraint, sky is the limit for how far you want to go – you can choose to keep it zen, or revive traditional architecture replete with pillars and brackets in ceilings. 
A pooja room with ledges for idols
A stone clad wall as backdrop for a pooja room in a villa

This modern pooja room is luxurious and elegant. It uses marble for flooring and walls. The floating shelves hold the frames of deities and lamps. By not overcrowding the space with too many statues, accessories and storage, the space remains the focal point here. What an ideal space for meditation!  

Take a moment to reflect. Didn’t this outdoor space make you envious? It has all the elements to calm the mind going in its favor — outdoor, natural lighting, grass, stone-clad walls, plants. An enclosed space such as this is less distracting.


This is a handy design with dimensions to create one of your own.

Drawing for how to design a pooja room.

This drawing is meant to clarify all your doubts on dimensions needed to construct a simple puja space and what materials are often used.

A stepped open pooja room with hanging bells and large Ganesha in the center

Whether you are a ritualistic person or not, it can help to have a clean, quiet space in your home to spend a few minutes in solitude for achieving inner peace. I hope you can draw inspiration from these designs to carve that sacred space in your home, where you can retreat from the digital world, to recharge.

And oh, while you are here, you may also want to check out these interiors of some real Indian homes done on a tight budget. They are modern, stylish and totally uncluttered.

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