6 Awesome Shops to Buy Fabric in Bangalore
I have lived in Bangalore for nearly 20 years now. When I first moved to this city, there were no malls.  Weekend entertainment and shopping meant trips to the trinity: MG Road, Brigade and Commercial Street.  A lot has changed over the years.: the crowd is still young in these places, but dwindling. Metro has taken away the beauty of MG Road. I still go here at least once every three months for old times sake and when I need a break. Indira Nagar, where we lived, was a quaint neighborhood that offered nothing in terms of shopping.
There have been several requests for this post and I made multiple trips to take pictures. every time I was surprised to see lesser number of people than before on Commercial Street. Effect on online shopping? Perhaps.
Here are my most trusted stores in Bangalore to buy fabrics for anything from upholstering cushions to making kurtas. I have bought from most of them, and cases where I haven’t but ogled, I have state it explicitly.
Just before noon is the best time to get to Commercial Street. I start the outing by having some samosa chaat and rasmalai at Anand Sweets (which btw was not there those years). it was the good ole Woody’s then, which is still going strong.

A few things you should know about the kind of fabrics I’m always hunting for.

  •  I’m a budget shopper; I like to constantly change things around the house. I shop with a strict budget of, let’s say, Rs. 3,000, when I’m out in Commercial Street. Of course, this does not mean I compromise on quality. I look for sales of good quality fabrics. And if it means, Rs.3,000 can only buy 3 meters of cloth, then so be it. 
  • I make a list of the things I want to buy before I set out shopping to limit any impulsive buying.
  • I make a note of colors that will go well for a space. Like, for the sofa cushions, I wanted something cheerful and floral. I loved this D’Decor fabric the minute I saw it. A few months later, when I was convinced about the quality, I went back and picked the blue ones, too.
  • Florals are enticing and some colors, too. You can be obsessed with one color during a period. There was a time when every kurta or fabric I bought was either fuchsia or pink. My wardrobe looked like that of a new born girl. To prevent this, I note down the colors I want to buy too – like solid bed sheets, or stripes in neutrals.
  • Spend on fabrics and save on tailoring. I give the cushions for stitching to a local tailor who will do the same job for Rs.150 whereas the showrooms you buy from will charge at least five to six times more (saying it from experience).

The Best Stores to Buy Fabrics for Home Furnishing in Commercial Street, Bangalore:

Linens n Drapes


I furnished our entire home from Linens n Drapes during the sale period. This included blinds and curtains. It was a mix of brands from Pure, D’decor and a few others.

There are two shops on Commercial Street – they are run by brothers. The one at the beginning of commercial Street, opposite Anand Sweets and above Prasiddhi, is where you will find an extensive collection of fabrics for curtains. The other one is located closer to the Police Station that sells more funky prints, patch work cushions and ready made curtains.

I like to visit the first shop for fabrics. Keep an eye out for sale where you will find some good fabrics that can be made into whatever you choose.

What I recommend:

  • Running fabrics for slip covers and curtains.


  • Prices start as low as Rs.250/300 per meter during sale for D’decor fabrics. Or, you can ask to look at the small pocket sized catalog for other brands. The quality would be more or less similar minus pricing for brand name.

Kannur Cotton

Fabric from Kannur Cotton

For years before he opened a permanent shop on Ibrahim Saheb street, I used to buy from him at the exhibitions held in Chitrakala Parishat. Even now he participates in the exhibitions, but not everything that’s in the shop makes it to the exhibition. Prices do not vary much between the exhibition and the shop.

What I recommend:

  • Table cloth, cushion covers, oven mitt, towels, runner and place mats.
  • I have bought bed sheets but the ones sold as king size barely fit the queen size. So ask for super king size bed sheets. Single bed sheets: do not buy the printed ones as they go bad after a few washes. Buy the pure cotton ones. You can expect these to last a year to two.


  • 16*16 cushion covers are usually Rs.100 a piece.
  • Table cloth starts at Rs.450.

How I use:

Since the fabric is good, I have re-purposed most of them. For instance, I buy curtains but get it stitched into cushion covers for floor cushions. Or table cloth into slip covers. Cushion covers are stitched into seat pads for dining chairs.Kannur cotton

table cloth from kannur

First floor, Safina Plaza

There are a few curtain shops here. However, I will not recommend all of them. The fabric faded after one wash.  The shop I would recommend is the first one to your left when you come up the flight of stairs from the tea stall and walk down the corridor. The patterns you see are different from the rest. They have block printed patterns. It’s not called Hues.  Hues is on the opposite side where you can buy plain curtains, straw runners and mats.


Curtains in Safina Plaza


What I recommend:

  • Plain curtains.
  • Straw runners and mats.


Plain cushions

If you are looking for jacquard or sequined cushions for the festive season, you will find something to your liking here. They are all stacked. So you will need to be patient to find something of your liking. Before you go in, have a mental picture of the colors you are particular about. It will make the decision easier. You will find similar 24*24 cushion covers in Linen n Drapes too (the second shop closer to the Police Station)

How to get there:

Praachis: # 23, Mahavir Mall, 316, K, Kamaraj Road, Opposite Commercial Street, Kamaraj Road, Bengaluru,

What I recommend:

  • Sequined cushion covers in jewel tones of deep red, fuchsia, beige, orange and gold for the festive season.


  • Plain cushions start at Rs.110 a piece or Rs.530 for 5 pieces.
  • Floral patterns in cotton start at Rs. 210 per piece for 16* 16 and Rs.375 for 24*24 cushion. These are similar the D decor fabric cushions I have. You can find similar ones at Linens n Drapes store closer to Commercial Street Police Stations as well.

Prachi floral cushions


The Best Stores to Buy Fabrics for Kurtas and Dresses in Commercial Street, Bangalore:

 Khadi Bhandar

If you buy readymade kurtas (kalamkari/ikat and such) from those exhibitions for anywhere between Rs.400 to Rs.500 a piece, you may want to think again. Those do not last. I was a repeat offender for several years knowing they don’t last for more than 3-4 months, yet kept buying them.  Then, when I found a good local tailor, it stopped.  You can buy fabrics of your choice from block prints to ikat here.  Yes, they last and it is good. Just see to it the fabric is not too old and faded. Make them into kurtas, dresses, salwars, straight pants. They do not entertain bargaining.

How to get there: 


I have bought fabrics starting at Rs.130 per meter.


Where to buy fabric in Bangalore

If you have been to Commercial Street even once, it’s less likely you have missed this shop. It used to be a non-descript single store years ago. Now, it’s grown into two – one for saris and silks and the other for cotton. I’ve been here multiple times but have never bought anything; not sure why. But, I have spent a while going through their fabrics and they have a tasteful collection of silks and cotton.

How to get there:


This is a relatively new shop in town. I recently bought  couple of meters of block printed fabric – you can see similar designs in Melange. Very comfortable to wear and does not fade after multiple washes.

Where to buy fabric in Bangalore


I have bought fabrics starting at Rs.170 per meter.

Other shops worth mentioning are Riti’s, Manoranjan Silks on Ibrahim Saheb Street, and a shop on the first floor of Safina Plaza (opposite Hues curtains). This is one shop I have bought many dress materials from in Indigo and cut patterns. Good quality and right pricing. I haven’t seen him this past year, and not sure if he has shifted to some other location.

This is how I have used one my most recent purchases – a table cloth – at home.

Dining styling

Dining styling

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