If there is one room in the house where the concepts are changing for ever, it has to be the children’s rooms.  Some characters like Barbie and Spider Man linger on; they were there in the 80’s, are there now and I’, sure you will find them even in 2032. While others like Disney characters or Noddy make way for newer ones. There is no dearth of new Doras, racing cars and Dinosaurs in the world of fantasy.

As a parent, I’m sure one is all too eager when it comes to decorating their kid’s rooms more than their own. With no restrictions on colors, themes, plenty of moolah, and a plethora of ready-made options available in today’s home stores, it’s a fun activity!

Wallpaper Mural
Wallpaper Mural

Childspace is one of the kid’s concept stores I like in Bangalore. They stock a wide range of bunk beds with varied storage options, attached study units and matching wardrobes. A visit to their store is a treat to the eyes. Not quite compact, but most of their beds can be accommodated in today’s apartments. Childspace opened a new store in Marathahalli on the Outer Ring Road a few months ago. However, I happened to stop by only last evening.There, I found this series of wallpaper from Walltatstic, a UK based company that specializes in murals. Walltastic murals are marketed in India through Kankids ( I don’t have their number). Childspace stocks very few of these murals while the rest can be obtained by placing an order.

Spidey Mural
Spidey Mural

The murals are ideal for a 10*8 feet wall. You can glue the mural yourself or can hire someone to do it for about Rs.200. The mural is packaged as a small unit comprising a number of individual pieces. It is like fitting the piece of a jigsaw puzzle on a wall, only that it is much easier to do here with straight edges. Every mural is priced upwards of Rs.4,500+13% taxes. I was told  it would cost me Rs.6,500 including labor for the racing car one.

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  1. that’s expensive! I wld much rather do up the kids wall myself;)
    However, their designs are cool, aren’t they?

  2. laksh

    I agree with you on the price bit, Sharon. It got me thinking. Another concern was would peeling off process be tough later?! But I guess it depends on the glue you use.

    But, the detailing is something I can never get, if I do it myself. And, let’s not even get started on having so much time with a three-year-old around.

  3. I prefer DIY kits from kidocent (online store) which range from Rs.500 onwards. Plus these are not sheets like wall paper and are individual stickers,which can be peeled and stuck and then removed and restuck again. At the same time they do not peel or stain or damage the walls.

    Quite a saver on your pockets and help you redo the rooms when your child over grows the theme.

  4. laksh

    Sounds like a good idea. Thanks, will check them out.

  5. chittarasan


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