One long overdue project is re-designing our guest bedroom-cum-study in white. As my husband and I got discussing about it last week, we got into a small argument over wall color. As you may agree, getting a color palette that appeals to everyone involved is one of the challenging tasks while designing interiors.  Let’s just say we’ve had better conversations on the subject. While on the subject, I’m reminded of an apartment I visited recently that was freshly painted in turquoise blue, bright orange, chrome yellow – every  member in the family got to choose one color for a wall.  Shall we safely forget the end results ? But, the people who live in it love it and, I think that’s what matters.

If you spend so much money and time, and don’t like what you’ve got done, then it’s money wasted. So, it’s good to browse/research a few designs online for choosing colors, visualizing it, planning the furniture and the other accessories that would be a part of the room before hiring the painters. Some colors like lime green or orange or magenta look great in ads but are not ideal for a small room cluttered with furnishings. Let me be honest here; I’m a color-hungry person. But, for once, I’m leaning heavily towards muted colors – shades of white, in particular.

When I said white, my husband remarked, “It will look like a hospital or hotel.”  Now, there is a element of truth in this argument if not designed with care. There are downsides to decorating in white, such as being impractical for its high maintenance, lacks in warmth, and with no color or texture, it can get depressing. But, the positives far outweigh the negatives. White walls are suitable for any season; you need not re-paint the wall to match your furniture; you have all the freedom to bring color to the room through curtains, cushions, furniture, rugs and other accessories. Changing from a minimalist look to any other theme is relatively easy. Monochrome colors gel well with any trend. And, more importantly, white gives a feeling of peace and space like no other color.

For inspiration, I went searching for a few rooms dressed in white. So, let’s forget the violets, greens, peaches, oranges, bright reds, wild pinks and fall in love with white through these rooms.

White walls and floors, multicoloured accessories
White bedroom
Bedroom in hues of gray and white

Neutral Bathroom
Neutral Bathroom
Pristine white kitchen
Pristine white kitchen

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1,2 : Louise Bradley

3. Sixx Design

4. Kitchens

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  1. I so agree!! Choosing a color for ur rooms from the numerous palettes is a difficult task

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