3D Wall Panels: An Alternative to Wallpaper and Textured Paints

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3D Wall Panels: An Alternative to Wallpaper and Textured Painting

Accent walls will never go out of style. Trends, of course, will change with time as to how you make a wall stand out – textured painting, wallpaper, murals, exposed bricks being some of them. In this post, I give you an easy eco-friendly alternative – 3D wall panels for accent walls that can be used anywhere from foyer to bathrooms.

I had written about the 3D wall panels last year but had no idea how popular they were. My current obsession is with the way Brazilian homes are designed – the right mix of contemporary design and pops of color. I was surprised to see  how many homes there use these 3D wall panels effortlessly everywhere — from narrow strips of wall in the foyer to staircase landings or the wall behind the TV in the living room.

I have a compiled a list of rooms to illustrate where these panels can be used and how. It will give you ideas to add that depth to a wall or make a plain boring one stand out – all in a days’ work.


In the foyer


behind the TV unit







In the bath



How to install 3D Wall Panels:

This video is a great resource for how to apply these panels.

Where to buy 3D wall panels

This is not a sponsored post. You can buy them online here. 

Some key takeaways:

  • Narrow walls work best like surrounding the TV, staircase lending, or the ones between rooms.
  • Play around with patterns. Geometric patterns are more appealing than florals.

Image Courtesy: Repertoriocasa



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