5 Ways to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink Cabinet

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five ways to organize under the kitchen sink area

Raise your hand if you do not dread that dark area under the kitchen sink, and you have my admiration.

When I had just begun to work years ago, I once rented a 25-year old home. What was I thinking? Affordable rent. Every night was a nightmare. The minute I would switch on the light, all I could see on the floor were generations of roaches that came from under the sink.

Maybe because:
1) the kitchen was dark
2) the pipes leading to the gutter underneath were ill-fitted
3) it was hard to access for cleaning,
and 4) the trash can was kept there.
No matter how clean the area was, it did not deter the roaches.
Sound familiar?

I am sure many of you who have rented homes, or otherwise, would agree with me.

Personally, I’m so glad those days are past me when colonies of cockroaches made the “under the kitchen sink”  their home.

When someone messaged me for advice on how to organize the area under the kitchen sink on Facebook, I jumped at the opportunity of taking away the despair with these five organizing solutions:

Tandem boxes

This is my most favorite solution of all because it is a pullout like any other cabinet. I agree that this is not a solution that would work for everyone. One, because if you are in rental or even your own home, this requires a huge investment to remove the doors and replace them with a tandem box. But, if you are in the process of designing or renovating your kitchen, then do consider this. It’s cleaner and easier to access as a pullout.

how to organize under the sink in kitchen

Organize cleaning supplies

Segregate your cleaning supplies and store them in separate clear bins. The only cleaning supplies I have under my kitchen sink are dishwasher powder, dishwasher sale, hob and chimney cleaner, and a dustbin. The rest is stashed in the utility area. But, if you are short on space and must store here, then put identical ones in separate boxes such as dish wash soaps, hand wash, liquid soap, scrubbers etc.


how to organize under the kitchen sink cabinet

the best way to organize the area under the kitchen sink

Sleek custom made pullout

If you notice under the sink, there is a narrow gap on both the sides of the sink that’s difficult to access but it is also space wasted. This U-shaped pullout from Blum is a brilliant solution as you can keep the extra dish wash soaps and scrubbers organized here. You can also get one custom made from your carpenter, alternatively.

Blum custom pullout for under the kitchen sink


Or, something like this that will flip out for holding scrubbers.

a pullout for holding scrubbers

Trash pullout and holder for supplies

If you can’t install a tandem box, then retain the doors but make it more efficient this way. I have this setup. One half of the under the sink area is used fro keeping the trash can and on the other wall I have a two-tiered stainless holder fixed. This has the cleaning supplies.

the best way to organize cleaning supplies under the sink in kitchen

the best way to organize cleaning supplies under the sink in kitchen


Use the door efficiently

I’m opposed to fixing a trash can holder on the door because it weakens the door over time with weight and is just messy. However, you can use fix hooks on the door to hang gloves or brushes.

how to organize cleaning supplies under the sink in a kitchen

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