Many of you e-mail me requesting quotation for your interior projects. I do not design or execute interiors.  The conversation then takes a natural turn asking if I could recommend someone in your city. I choose to feature only those designers or projects here that align with my design aesthetics. I must also point out that I have not done the due diligence of the ease of working with these designers.

Interior design is a tricky, human-centric business.

Pictures are one thing (the destination), but the journey will always be a mystery until you have experienced it yourself. One, where more often than not, deadlines are missed, tempers flare, and there is enough room for miscommunication and inflexibility. So, you should be incredibly lucky to have an understanding designer that delivers on time, and within budget.

All the contact details of the designers featured here are usually given so you may feel free to reach out to them directly. And, if you do, please do state from where you got the reference.

Today’s post is a collation of all the projects I’ve featured in the past two months. All these were executed by Livspace. I reckon this would be an easier way for you to bookmark the posts and access them or reach out to the designer for your turnkey requirements.

11 Pooja Room Designs For Small Apartments

A collection of 11 pooja rooms (pooja ghar) for apartments and homes alike. The versatile designs sporting a prominent use of wood and glass for that right balance of tradition and modernity range from wall mounted to stand alone cabinets.

Four Contemporary Homes

If you have been a long time admirer of minimal, contemporary look, take cues from a step-by-step tour through four homes  to pull off this fuss-free look with finesse.

a modern home in mumbai

 a contemporary minimalist apartment in Mumbai

18 Balcony Gardens

18 beautiful balcony gardens illustrate how you can create a green haven for yourself irrespective of how little space you have. After all, the devil is in the details like what plants to choose, what type of containers etc.

Balcony garden

Balcony garden

10 Kitchen Designs

This is a collation of 10 practically designed Indian kitchens for all types of layouts that illustrate how to make the most of dead corner space, areas under the sink, accessories to invest in and maximize pantry storage. Bonus: they are all beautiful look at as much as they are functional.



Parallel kitchen


Image courtesy: Livspace


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